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A Brief History of Men’s Grooming – Walk down the Memory Lane

Men were never groomed before like today. Men had travelled a long way to adopt the perfect grooming habits finally. From untidy, rough, hair to crabby unshaved beards now men have their separate skin and body grooming regimen. Modern men prefer to keep themselves all sexy and stylish, with maintained hair, well-suited moustache, and thoughtfully sculpted beard.

But you must be interested in peeking through your journey of evolved grooming right?

Let’s find out how ancient men maintained themselves.

Ancient Egypt grooming 

The originating traces of Men’s Grooming can be found in 10,000 BC. Back then, Egyptians had an obsession with bathing milk, fragrant oils, and the aloe vera plant. Egyptians were concerned about protecting their skin from the sun; for that, they applied kohl on their face in a way that’s similar to the black lines footballers apply on their face. The males of Egypt were keen on maintaining the fragrance of their body and their physical appearance. Egyptians used to cover themselves with fragrance oil to hide the odour of their body. These oils were filled with ingredients such as myrrh, marjoram, chamomile, lavender, Lily, rosemary, rose, aloe, and olive oil.

The Roman grooming 

The Romans were keen on maintaining overall cleanliness, unlike the Egyptians, as they built communal baths. Those communal baths later became a unique place for men to share their grooming secrets. Roman men were the first to experiment with hair dyes. The colour they liked the most was blond, but the dyes were so harsh and harmful that most of the men went bald after using those dyes.

The Romans were explicitly interested in warm water and steam. They believed in removing the dirt that’s buried down under the layers of skin; they also used oil-based fragrances to dilute the bathing water. Although they were not well- aware of treating their acne breakouts and used only barley flour and butter to treat them.

Grooming from Middle edges till the Elizabethan era 

In the middle ages, men faced a significant challenge in maintaining and grooming. The church and some of the priests considered grooming as a “Satan’s work” and were against grooming. However, the men still kept themselves groomed with the help of techniques they were left with from ancient times.

In the Elizabethan era, male grooming again started accelerating. In that period, sage was considered as the magical herb for teeth whitening; rosemary water was a significant product for hair care. Vine bathing and egg-honey masks were popularly known for reducing wrinkles.

Also, some male grooming products were stuffed with arsenic and lead. However, the usage of these products caused significant early deaths.

Grooming trends in the Victorian era

In this era, the mass production of male grooming products started growing. Meaning, the reach of grooming products was increased to a large number of populations. In that period getting a blemish treatment was in vogue. Reach of soaps reached a massive number of households. Due to technological advancements, anti-ageing products came into existence. However, they were mostly created for women at this time.

‘High-brown powder’ was also created by the Hygienic manufacturing company owned by Anthony Overton in 1898, which was highly appreciated at that time and targeted the African-Americans.

The period of 1900s

In the 1900s, Hollywood came into existence. Male Hollywood celebrities with slicked-back hair, milk-white teeth, cleanly shaven beards, and well-maintained style had a substantial impact on the male population.

Men started getting more and more interested in grooming with the outburst of Hollywood. The fragrance industry got to its peak in France. In the 1900s, very minimal yet comforting razors also spread all over the market. Those razors made shaving an enjoyable experience for men. Also, it was the first portable option for shaving, which made male-grooming a lot easier.

Magical beauty creams claiming to transform skin similar to an actor’s skin were also in trend.

Grooming and the modern generation

In the world of Millennials, science, technology, and research have grown in such a way that they have given birth to the advanced men-grooming industry. In modern days, everything is acceptable, which was forbidden earlier. From moisturizing skin to shaving chest, underarms, and even the intimate areas are included in the grooming routine.

Now men do not have to use products from women’s skincare; they have products and brands customized for them to use.

Now there are daily beauty and style trends to follow. There are also beard and moustache trends spreading all over the world. There are salons for enhancing men’s beauty. And, men are using haircare, skincare, and body care products massively.

The Craze for Cruelty-Free and Natural Products

In simple words, the “male-grooming” industry is blooming.

There is also a trend for ‘cruelty-free’ products in modern days, which is very thoughtful to protect animals and not to use any products which include anything related to animals.

Also, products with natural ingredients are in high demand. The majority of grooming products are stuffed with chemicals and harsh ingredients, which produces different kinds of skin issues leading men to buy more products to solve these newborn problems and again a waste of money.

Products that are “cruelty-free” and are manufactured using natural ingredients are the best to use; they help to keep your skin much away from any issues like acne, inflammation, and roughness. Also, hair grooming products with natural ingredients keep your hair healthy and make them thicker.

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