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Bad Beard Habits Men Should Avoid To Maintain That Dapper Look

From maintaining the right style and length to dealing with how your genes behave – we all know that genes are notoriously fickle. That is why a good beard is an asset that beard lovers often cherish.

Decision making about shaving & beard maintenance can confuse you with a plethora of grooming questions. What kind of beard products should you use? What kind of trimmer should you use? How often should you shave? Which beard oil is right for you? Are you using the right kind of shampoo to clean your beard? And why, oh God, why, does it never stop itching?

This is really overwhelming. Isn’t it? And you never know that you could be unconsciously damaging your beard. A good beard is not something that you can buy. You have to grow it, and of course, the situation is not precisely even like growing muscles, which you can manage by working out and following a proper diet.

Growing a beard can be challenging if you are not gifted, and most people try to avoid being hit by this truth bomb. In addition to this, some personal habits coupled with an exceptional disregard for patience result in super slow beard growth & inadequate beard maintenance for some people.

You might be doing things you probably don’t mean to, but you could be one of your facial hair’s biggest enemies. Even when you get it right, something goes wrong. Probably because of some bad beard habits you didn’t know you were making.

Habits You Must Avoid To Maintain A Healthy Beard

Certain habits can be potentially harmful to your beard growth. We have listed some of those below, along with a few tips that could help.

  • Stroking Your Beard:

It might seem comfortable & relaxing, but it definitely is not the best of habits. We know it might feel great, and there is nothing wrong with stroking your beard, but the problem starts when you do it with dirty or oily hands or fingers.

Most of the time, even when you are not aware of it, your hands are full of bacteria & dirt. These bacteria and grime from the daily pollution get onto your beard and skin. They can make beard dandruff worse or even cause acne, which can be irritating & painful.

So, it is advisable to stroke your beard as much as you like but make sure your hands are clean. The best thing is to avoid it as much as possible.

  • Using Hair Shampoo On Your Beard:

We are afraid that you did it this morning? You should know that most hair care products contain chemicals or ingredients that can probably harm your skin and beard.
These products have formulations that help to treat or cleanse your scalp, which is far more resilient than the skin on your face. It would be best if you were as gentle as you can to your face. You must use beard shampoos or washes designed to soften your beard and nourish your skin at least twice a week.

We highly recommend you to use Man Arden Beard & Face Wash. It is the ultimate cleanser for bearded men. It is unique because it is exclusively formulated to target the unshaved face. It cleanses, hydrates and nourishes the facial skin and hair simultaneously. It is cooling and refreshing and helps restore your skin’s healthy radiance while leaving your beard soft and shiny. Often, men’s facial skin tends to be oily, while the beard hair is coarse and dry. Man Arden Beard & Face Wash removes the excess oil, dirt & impurities from the skin without disrupting the natural oil balance. It contains two prominent moisturizing ingredients – extra virgin olive oil and aloe vera as well as other nourishing natural ingredients that work as hydrating agents for the face and beard. It is rich in precious botanical extracts that help to protect the skin and beard from free radical damage by environmental stressors. The antiseptic property of the plant actives helps in reducing skin breakouts and beard dandruff. It is free from toxic chemicals and is safe to use for all skin types. This premium cleanser softens beard hair, clears the skin & gives a radiant complexion.

  • Not Washing It All Together or Washing It Too Often:

The beard is tricky territory because it is a patch of hair that is located on your face. Duh! Your face needs to be kept clean, but it must be done without causing damage to your beard. All it requires is a proper care & routine.

The practice of not washing your beard will make it itchy and will make you want to scratch that itch away, which is, of course, not great for the beard in the long run. So, you need to have a definite beard washing routine in place, and you need to stick to that in order to grow a beard & maintain a healthy beard.

It is essential to keep your beard clean, but washing it too often will dry out your beard. What does this mean? Let us explain! You don’t want to walk around with a dirty beard, but using beard cleansing products can strip your beard and skin of the natural oils, and that can cause dry hair and dandruff. So, you only need to use beard wash or cleanser up to 3 times per week and simply cleanse it with water on the other days. Also, depending on the growth and density, washing your beard every alternate day or once in three days should be fine.

  • Letting the Beard Go Thirsty – Skipping the Moisturizer or Beard Oil:

The majority of beard-related concerns, including patchiness, itch and dandruff, are easily remedied with proper hydration. A daily moisturizing routine is often recommended for that very purpose. While beard oils are wonderful for softening longer beards, a specially designed moisturizer treats various skin conditions. For that extra oomph, you may apply beard oil after moisturizing.

You should note that everything from your beard’s shine to its density depends on moisturizing. This is why beard oil, beard balm or a moisturizer are crucial ingredients in your beard grooming routine.

Without nourishment and proper hydration, the skin underneath your beard can become dry, itchy and flaky. It can make your beard hair brittle, and you definitely don’t want that, do you? So, do prefer applying beard oil daily.

Try Man Arden’s 7X Beard Oil (Musk). It ensures your beard and moustache stays soft and lustrous. The rich blend of 7 natural oils will take care of your facial hair and keep them healthy and soft in the long run. It is delicately scented in musk tones to keep you feeling fresh all day long. The Beard Oil helps form a protective layer around each strand and protects them from the harmful rays of the Sun and free radicals’ damage. It helps tame frizz, control dandruff and improve the texture of each strand. It is free from harmful chemicals and is safe for long term use.

For a perfectly styled & moisturized beard, we recommend you to try Man Arden Beard Balm. This exclusive product is rich in natural emollients, helps tame the beard and make it more manageable. It is formulated to help keep the facial hair soft and smooth in the long run. The fine and creamy consistency of Beard Balm helps eliminate the messy, unkempt look. It is your ideal alternative for the premium leave-in Beard Conditioner that can help soften, moisturize and protect your facial hair. The natural & botanical conditioning and nourishing ingredients are carefully selected and blended together to seal in moisture and hydration in your beard. Infused with exotic plant butters, including Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter & Mango Butter, it helps to smoothen the texture and improve elasticity. It does not contain any harmful chemicals, and thus, the risk of adverse reactions is eliminated as it is safe for daily use.

  • Plucking & Pulling Grey Hair:

Thanks to famous faces like R. Madhavan, Milind Soman and Anand Ahuja, salt and pepper has become the new favourite look for men. But not everyone in their young 20s might be looking forward to it. You may feel that grey beard hair can be a hindrance in maintaining a dapper beard, but if carried well, they can make a statement. You can also hide them through hair dyes.

If you spot the greys, don’t pluck them because plucking beard hair can lead to infections, acne, irritation and ingrown hair. You can, of course, try to reverse the premature greying of beard hair by proper facial hair care routine & ideal nutrition.

  • Detangling Beard With A Hair Brush:

Wondering what bad a comb can do? Bristles of your hair comb can not reach the shorter hair in your beard. Hence, they fail to tame facial hair properly & distribute oils evenly through your beard.

They might not even do an excellent job at cleaning dust and dead skin cells from your beard. On the other hand, beard combs and brushes are specifically designed to do so.
Also, avoid cheap combs that have jagged edges and go for the wooden ones. By doing so, you will do your beard a considerable favour.

  • Ignoring Basic Grooming For Your Beard:

If you take pride in the fact that you don’t use anything on your beard except a face wash to wash it once in a while, you should stop right there. You are doing no good to your beard. This won’t get you anywhere, especially if you have a dry beard or beard dandruff that will only harm your growth further. We suggest dipping your toes in versatile products available in the market today so that you can get the beard that you have always wanted.

By making small & effective changes in your grooming routine, you can achieve the beard you have always wanted and save yourself from troubles like beard dandruff, itching and acne. You will be rocking the beard of your dreams in no time.

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