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Best Anti-Acne Skin Care Practices For Men

No one wants to deal with the discomfort and embarrassment of pimples, zits and other blemishes. But a lot of guys continue to struggle with the awful situation of their skin due to the frequent appearance of acne.

Sometimes pimples fleeting, a result of poor post-gym hygiene, while other breakouts are chronic, a result of genetics or stress.

Regardless of the origins, or if you are already panicking about the appearance of the next ones, please make an effort to maximize your skin health.

An effective skin care regime takes more than just washing your face with whatever soap you have lying around and hoping for the best. It is like anything more worthwhile because it takes commitment, consistency, and care, not to mention a careful consideration of ingredients until you find the right products.

You may also find yourself in a situation that makes maintaining ideal skin hygiene a difficult task. Maybe you get sweaty and dirty at work but do not have a way to clean up your face until hours later. Or perhaps you have slipped up on your post-workout skin care routine.

Whatever your situation, following a dedicated acne-fighting skincare routine for men will help.

Consider the following tips to keep your skin clean, fresh and blemish-free.
Start With The Right Cleanser – Cleanse 2X Per Day

It is always said that start your day with a clean slate. Regardless of your skin type, cleansing your face should be the first step in every skin care regimen.

It is essential to effectively cleanse your skin twice a day, especially if you have acne-prone skin. This helps eliminate all the impurities, oil and dirt which may clog pores and result in blemishes, whiteheads or blackheads.

Sloughing layers of skin off will definitely not save you from zits. You need to wage a very gentle war with the help of a sulfate-free, mild cleanser that does the job of destroying bacteria, dissolving dirt and excess oil without stripping your skin or leaving it irritated.

Salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and benzoyl peroxide are three ingredients you should memorize and actively look for in case of acne-prone skin. Each one is effective at preventing and minimizing breakouts.

Salicylic acid and glycolic acid effectively work to dissolve dead cells that might clog pores.

Using only your fingertips or a soft washcloth, thoroughly cleanse your face, including your jawline, neck, and around the ears. There is no need to use rough pads or scrub aggressively, as this will not get your skin any cleaner. Remember that before you go to bed, wash your face to prevent oil and other pore-clogging bacteria from sitting on your face all night.

Note: Don’t use harsh bar soaps, antibacterial hand washes, and the like on your face. Harsh soaps will not help clear your acne, but they will irritate your skin.

You may start off your day with Man Arden Anti Acne Neem Foaming Face Wash. It contains Glycolic Acid that has peeling effects, resulting in less “gunk” that clogs the pores. This includes dead skin cells and oil. With less to clog the pores, the skin clears and you usually have fewer breakouts. The ingredients work together to help reduce acne and acne marks from your skin. It comes with a silicone brush that helps exfoliate your skin gently every time you use it. Use this face wash twice, once in the morning and once at night, to get rid of the toxins and impurities from your skin. The natural ingredients of the face wash will help to reduce blemishes and pigmentation from your skin, making it healthier and brighter. The acne-fighting properties of Neem help minimize the appearance of acne and acne marks on your skin and can also help soothe irritated skin. The silicone brush is the perfect addition to your exfoliation routine to enhance the complexion and make it healthy.

Use A Gentle Face Scrub

Exfoliating your skin every other day is a smart way to avoid blemishes and clean out your pores. But do not think of this as an aggressive treatment for breakouts. Instead, it is a preventative measure that also brightens your skin and improves your complexion.

It is an imperative part of the best acne-fighting skincare routine for men. Also, as an added bonus, exfoliating just before you shave is the best way to get the smoothest shave possible. A men’s face scrub is an extremely versatile product because not only is it essential to a skin care regimen, but it is the secret weapon you have been missing in your shave routine too.

Even if you have oily skin, do not overdo it with a face scrub. Every other day is more than enough to get good results. If you have sensitive or dry skin, exfoliating twice per week may be your best bet. Notice how your skin reacts and adjust your routine accordingly.

Guys with oily skin probably don’t need to be told this, but the less build-up on your skin, the fewer clogged pores and breakouts you will have.

Using a face scrub is a lot like using a face wash. Wet your face beforehand with warm water and use the desired amount of scrub, gently scrubbing in a circular motion around your entire face (or shave area). Focus on areas where dead skin and build up primarily occur – the nose, forehead, and neck. When done, rinse with cool water and pat your face dry.

For an effective scrubbing session, try Man Arden Anti-Acne Neem Face Scrub. It is a gentle exfoliant formulated with the best of natural ingredients to help the tough skin of men to get rid of dirt and impurities. The natural ingredients of the Scrub can help you get rid of the build-up and dullness on your skin, giving it a healthy and glowing appearance. The anti-acne and antioxidant properties of Neem help flush out toxins from the skin and helps in skin rejuvenation. It can also help to remove dirt and free radicals and reveal the fresh layer of skin underneath. The gentle formulation is strong enough to help eliminate blackheads and whiteheads from the skin. With proper use of this Face Scrub, you can help your skin get the required exfoliation and prevent blemishes and pigmentations.

Use A Face Mask Loaded With Effective Ingredients

Using a face mask to deep clean your pores is a luxurious experience. As the kaolin clay present in most of the face masks dries on your skin, it drags toxins, excess oil, and bacteria out from deep within your pores. That helps prevent breakouts and ensures your skin is bright and healthy. A nourishing face mask for men should be made with gentle ingredients but still, give an intense experience. Depending on your skin type, you should only use a face mask once or twice each week.

An anti-acne face mask feels incredible, and that is because it is doing good to your skin. It absorbs all the grease and gunk that accumulates in your pores, deep from within the pores, that is—and gives you a spotless canvas from which to start your week. But dermatologists also warn against doing masks too often, though. According to skin care experts, masks are healthy for the skin. They often have ingredients that, given the occlusion of the mask, really help get the ingredients into the oil glands of the skin. This then helps decrease oil production.

Since your skin’s oil is what keeps it hydrated. It is merely the excess oil you want to eradicate. So, limit yourself to once a week on deep-cleaning masks in order to avoid excessive drying.

However, you can not really overdo the ultra-hydrating masks since they have a different and pro-nourishment objective. Precede a cleansing mask with an actual cleanse, follow it with a rinse, then a moisturizer for best results.

For a clear and spotless complexion, try Man Arden Anti-Acne Neem Face Pack. It helps boost your skin with the goodness of Neem that is known for its acne-fighting properties. It can fight free radicals and sun damage on your skin and reduce the appearance of blemishes and dark spots on your skin. Neem helps remove toxins from the skin and give out a healthy and fresh glow. It also helps to strengthen the outer layer of the skin to lock in the moisture and helps your skin to stay hydrated in the long run. Enjoy the multiple benefits of Neem with Man Arden Anti Acne Neem Face Pack and take a step towards the skin of your dreams. It feeds your skin with all the necessary ingredients required to bring back the lost shine on your skin.

Remember, with acne, less is more. Using too many topical products will make your skin dry and irritate it. Also, acne is not something that will go away overnight. It’s a process that requires immense patience. Give your skin ample time to adjust to the skin care routine for acne-prone skin before you see results. Check out our newly launched Anti-Acne Neem range here:

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