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Detanning your Skin, Detanning Your Life: A Perfect Men’s Guide

Are you one of those who love summertime? The beautiful rays of the sun cheer your day and give you a rebirth. However, sun exposure can cause many side effects.

The vacations are fun. But when it comes to the effect of harsh sunlight on our skin, we need to take the necessary steps. Gone are the days when women needed cosmetics to showcase the best versions of them. Now, modern men demand the best solution and formulas to help them become the best in the room. However, there might be some obstacles.

You might have heard the term ‘tanning’ many times. Tan is an accumulation of dark cells in our body that results in unwanted darkness and a dull face. That will not only reduce your confidence but will also affect the attitude and smartness level that you possess.

Don’t worry. We have a solution for you that will prevent any unwanted tan that steals your glow. That process is called De-Tanning.

What is De-Tan?

Your skin needs to get rid of the dead cells and dust from sun exposure and pollution respectively. Detanning is the process of removing all the dark cells from your body and giving you your complexion and glow back.

Why Detanning is important:

Detanning is important because of various reasons, like:

  •  De-tanning gives your skin a refreshing glow.
  • It helps to remove dead cells so that your skin can breathe.
  • Helps with acne problems.
  • Helps with blood circulation and gives you a healthy skin.
How to de-tan?

There are numerous ways to de-tan your skin naturally and by using various products.

In natural ways, we use our old home remedies like lemon and Tomato to make a scrub and use it on the face after sun exposure. On the other hand, many products in the market can give you the same natural result with total nourishment and glow. One such brand is Man-Arden.

How to use the De-Tan face scrub:

The De-Tan Face Scrub is pretty easy to use. All you have to do is to give the product at least 2-3 minutes to do wonder on your skin.

  • Wash your face and let it dry first.
  • Use Man Arden face scrub and wet your face and neck.
  • Rub your skin for at least 1 to 2 minutes gently in a circular motion.
  • Now wash your face with warm water.
  • Follow with applying Man Arden face serum on your skin.
Why Should you Consider Man Arden Face Scrub?

Many of us are worried about the potential harm that the scrubs might cause. Especially, being a man with style, you need to outshine others and be the smartest in the room. Well, the fear of using the wrong product and damaging your premium skin is the last thing you can think of. Do not worry. Man Arden has come for a rescue. Why should you choose us?

Man Arden products do not follow the Old Detanning method. We use the very natural ingredient to yield a premium Detanning scrub. These ingredients will not harm your skin. Instead, it will enhance your radiance and help you present the best image of yourself. Man Arden products are reasonable in price and will guarantee an extraordinary experience.

De-Tan Brightening Face Scrub of Man-Arden:

This De-Tan Face Scrub does wonders on your face. This face scrub gives you an even skin tone and a glowing brightening skin to improve skin texture.

Its natural ingredients like turmeric, tomato, aloe vera make this face scrub even more smooth and tender on your skin.


The benefits of the product are given below:

  • It is made up of natural ingredients. That makes this product more reliable and good for the skin.
  • This product gives you a bright and extraordinary glow that makes everybody speechless.
  • De-tanning with this scrub will additionally help you with your acne problems.
  • This product helps your dull and tired skin to give you a refreshing glow.
  • This product gives you a deep cleansing and exfoliated look after you use the product.
  • Pretty reasonable in price considering the value.
Caffeine De-Tan Coffee Face Scrub of Man Arden:

Man Arden Coffee De-Tan Face Scrub is made up of natural ingredients like aloe vera, green tea, licorice, and walnut. It guarantees a complete exfoliation of your skin. Further, the deep cleansing and efficient removal of dead cells give you a natural glow.

This Face Scrub works perfectly on the Men’s skin and gives it a smooth and soft experience.


The benefits of the product are given below:

  • Man Arden coffee scrub helps to remove tanning and gives you deep cleansing.
  • Its coffee beans and turmeric combination gives you acne-free clear skin.
  • This product gives you deep cleansing and helps with lactic acid.
  • The efficient product formula ensures a gorgeous complexion.
  • Caffeine and coffee beans help to improve blood circulation on your skin.
  • This is a PETA certified brand, and it is made without harming any animals.
  • Pretty reasonable in price considering the value it will deliver.

Before purchasing any product from the market, do consider checking the ingredients. The appropriate ingredients will take good care of the skin and will fulfill the necessary nutrition requirements.

Apart from the ingredients, you must consider the brand before using a product. Do not apply anything that your friend or relative suggests to you. You need to understand that your skin is your identity, and it must be retained at any cost. Thus, have a thorough research before you start applying the scrub to your face.

Man Arden values you and your skin. We have various other skin and other cosmetic ranges that follow healthy natural ingredients and are very beneficial for your busy lifestyle.

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