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Grooming Essentials For Men

If you thought only women need to groom themselves to look presentable, you are wrong. Thanks to how the grooming industry has evolved in the last few years, things are looking bright and handsome for the masculine gender.

Grooming has, of course, been part and parcel of a man’s life for ages, but it was always more from the perspective of cleanliness and hygiene. Today, the focus is on presentation, looking good, aesthetic beauty and charisma, and everything else that makes a man feel good about himself.

Here are the top seven grooming essentials that should be in every man’s grooming kit:

Men make their regular rounds to the barber for the perfect haircut and shave. However, if you are someone who loves to flaunt a moustache, a beard, or both, a trimmer is the handiest item for you. While the device allows you to trim or chop off the unwanted growth and manicure your facial hair with care, a trimmer also serves other basic purposes. From helping clean your underarms and chest to ensure that your loved beard and bush are always impeccably trimmed, the trimmer is one device that the man of today can certainly not do without. The good thing is that you get a variety of trimmers in the market of varied sizes. They are also battery-operated, which makes them your handy companion anywhere, anytime!

P.S. If there are issues like lockdowns and pandemics around, you will trust the trimmer than a barber to do a neat, sanitized job on your face!

The Facial Kit

This is one kit that you need to keep with you whether you are on the road or staying in a hotel. A typical kit would include a premium organic face scrub, a peel-off mask, sunscreen, and a moisturizing lotion. While the scrub helps keep your pores clean and removes all pollutants from your face, the mask and the lotion help nourish and hydrate the skin to keep it young and glowing. Sunscreen is highly recommended for India’s weather conditions where the summer can be relentlessly sultry and sunny.
The purpose of using the facial kit, unlike what is commonly thought, is not to make a face pretty or handsome – these products help pamper the skin because the face bears the brunt of continued exposure to pollutants and the harmful rays of the sun.

Ensure that you use products that are made from natural elements with organic ingredients. The lesser the chemicals in such products, the better it is for your face. Chemicals like SLES and parabens can cause a lot of damage to the skin leading to health issues. Man Arden is a leading brand in the men grooming industry that makes incredible products for men’s skincare. The best feature is that the products are all chemical-free and made from organic ingredients.

Hair Fibre Wax

This is a product for people who are sensitive about the way their hair looks. And most men are very particular about how their tresses are styled! This is a must-have item in your essential grooming kit. Man Arden makes fabulous hair fibre wax products. The product is made from beeswax, enabling gentlemen to style their hair how they want it to appear. The products can be used with ease on dry and wet hair, and you get to choose between a matte look or a glossy finish.

Beard Oil

If you have a goatee or plan to grow one, make sure you have a good beard oil handy. The logic is that just like the hair on your head, you need to care for that small growth on your jawline. Beard oil helps in providing the required nourishment to the stubble.

Man Arden has an amazing range of specially made beard oils for men. These perfumed oils are made from pure essential oils that are naturally extracted from plants. Get ready to show off a well-manicured beard by using the right beard oil.

The Indispensable Shaving Kits

The truth is that you cannot look your best without a properly shaven face. Whether you keep the beard and the moustache or not, the rest of the face needs to look flawlessly shaven. So, a shaving kit is a must-have requirement for all gentlemen. Use Man Arden shaving products for a better-looking you – the brand makes superior quality products for all your shaving needs!

Haircare Products

The hair is such a big asset that you must flaunt it wherever and whenever possible. Using the right shampoo and conditioner can make you look your best and ensure that your strands are well taken care of. To rejuvenate and nourish your hair, use high-end products that are chemical-free. Man Arden makes reliable hair products that contain only organic and vegan ingredients. Using such products ensures a long life for your tresses!


Do not forget the fragrance, please! This is not only required in all social settings, but it is also essential to feel fresh. The everyday use of deodorant can do a lot of wonders to your confidence and personality. Use quality products only, please! The off-the-shelf, readily available deodorant may smell good, but the effect stays only for an hour or so. Do you want that? Of course not! Choose a high-end, branded deodorant that will keep you smelling marvellous at least for half a day.


Keep these basic seven essentials with you forever and wherever you go. They will help you look and feel good for ages to come!

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