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Hair And Beard Styling Tips

The #StayHome mandate during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic triggered an explosion of versatile beards and hairstyles on social media. From “quarantine beard” to “trimming- at-home sessions”, we saw all of it. Even if you keep up with the latest trends, finding a unique style can be a messy affair. Realizing the vast difference between expectation and reality after you’ve trimmed your hair is more painful than driving on a rocky road.

To make things easier, we’ve brought together expert-recommended tips to style your hair and beard according to your face cut and preferences.

Hair Styling Tips

Slime, wax, paste, or spray, choosing one from the hundred products available can be a daunting task. However, things can be made easy by following specific tips. A formal business meeting would require a clean, slick-back style while a party demands the messy look, like in Vogue.

Match Your Style With Your Event

Slick hair won’t do good at parties, just like a messy look would be a big “no” for formal meetings. Let’s see what kind of hairstyle is appropriate for you.

Casual Hangouts: After shampooing, massage with a hair cream or gel on towel-dried hair to add more volume. Once the hair is air-dried, apply some fibre wax and finger comb your hair for a casual and modern look.

Adventure: For long hair, apply a styling gel on slightly damp hair. Tie your hair up in a tight bun with the help of a comb to get a neat and sharp look. If your hair is short, massage some wax on your scalp and finger comb it on one side to get the outdoor look.

Formal Meetings: A slick hairstyle with just the right amount of gel is the go-to look for a formal meeting. Use a fine-toothed comb, as it gives you a well-groomed appearance.

Shampoo Regularly: By regularly, we mean once in three days. The hair takes time to replenish the oils on your scalp. If you shampoo often, the scalp will lose moisture and become frizzy. To maintain the strength and hydration levels in your scalp, use a fibre wax while styling your hair, as it helps in moisturizing your hair.

Add Volume: Planning to get the modern pompadour look for your casual hangout with friends? Getting that volume is easy. Apply some styling gel on your towel-dried hair and style it using a comb or blow-dryer.

Trim the Edges: Always keep an electric razor in your bag, no matter where you go. The easiest way to get a dapper look is to maintain your hairstyle. Clean up around the edges of your trimmed hairline whenever hair starts to grow.


Hair Spray and Styling Gel: Man Arden’s Hair Spray and Styling Gels are made to keep your hairstyle intact. The styling gel strongly holds your hair and gives it a dapper look for your next hangout.

Hair Fibre Wax: Similar to Man Arden’s Hair Wax, the fibre wax is made with hibiscus, beeswax, and aloe vera, which come together to provide a nourished and matte style to your hair. As it is entirely made of natural ingredients, you can safely use it for frequent styling.

Hair Wax: To add some shine to your hair, use the Man Arden Hair Wax that gives a stronghold with a glossy look. The rich formulation is made using the goodness of beeswax, botanical butter, and natural oils. It offers excellent styling with full nourishment for your hair and scalp.

Beard Styling Tips

Allow it to Grow: Styling your beard is easy once you’ve grown it long enough. However, remember to observe its growth for over a week. Men have different patterns of growth. Just like our face shapes, our beard shapes are also different. Once the beard hair is entirely grown, you can take your time to understand the areas which could be trimmed for a better look.

Evaluate Your Face Shape: Always remember that the main reason for growing a beard is to accentuate the best features of your face. Take your time to pinpoint the attention-grabbing areas. Grab a clipper and trim the areas by staying at the edge of your face. This will give you a natural and classy look.

Use Good Products: This is most important for a good outcome. Choosing cheaper brands over quality products will damage your hair and affect its growth significantly. Always go for the products with natural ingredients that pack power with nourishment.


Beard Balm: Man Arden’s Beard Balm effectively softens and moisturizes your beard with the goodness of Candelilla wax and Shea Butter. Not only does it add volume, but it also deodorizes your beard with the help of natural oils.

Beard Wax: Man Arden’s Beard Wax is a premium smoothing agent for your moustache and beard. It provides a long-lasting stronghold with a creamy matte finish that makes you stand out in the crowd.

Beard Oil: Man Arden’s 7X Beard Oil come in different fragrances to nourish your beard hair and the skin beneath it; while smelling fresh, it softens the bristles to give a frizz-free look all day long.


A hairstyle can make all the difference required to your personality. At first, it impacts your mood, after which it goes on to inject confidence in your behaviour. Man Arden brings products that effortlessly style and nourish your hair and beard with the best ingredients. Setting your style for 24 hours will not be a problem after using these products.

Bring your bottle of style home today!

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