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It’s Time To Welcome The Great Benefits Of Kaolin Clay

Do you know men’s skin requires some clean up too? Imagine yourself sitting and watching the day pass by like dust floating in a sunray with a relaxing song on and a creamy, nourishing & soothing face pack treating your face. Isn’t it such a relaxing experience to give these gentle moments of self-care that still, for many of us, is just a suggestion collected and forgotten?

If skin care interests you, it is only natural that you have heard of the buzzing trend of using clays. The relaxing experience of leisurely applying a creamy, thick layer of a clay mask can be so refreshing. Clays, particularly Kaolin Clay, in all its forms and colors have so many benefits that your skin care will find its evolution on your terms.

Kaolin Clay is a natural ingredient that serves multiple skin care purposes because it is filled with essential minerals and can be used as a cleanser, exfoliator and even mask. Surprisingly it works effectively on male skin too!

What Is Kaolin Clay?

Kaolin Clay, also called White Clay or China Clay is a mild, effective and naturally occurring clay. It is loaded with essential plant minerals, resting under moist earth and other naturally occurring minerals like kaolinite, iron and others. Kaolin Clay has traditionally been used for a long time in many diverse cultures worldwide to benefit the skin and treat it with care. This is one of the mildest and effective cleansers ever to honor a skin care formula with a very soft texture and refined grains. Unlike most of other naturally occurring clays that need a moisturizing agent to make a comfortable face pack with, Kaolin is the only one that doesn’t dry your skin out and leaves it refreshed.

Properties Of Kaolin Clay
Kaolin Clay Has A Neutral pH Level:

Kaolin clay’s neutral pH levels make it one of the most gentle facial clays. Having a neutral pH level means that it mainly repairs your skin rather than damaging it as any other clay with a higher pH level reduces your skin’s ability to fight microbes and free radicals. Both of these damage your skin through skin imperfections and aging.

Kaolin Clay Contains Silica:

Research studies show that kaolin clay’s silica content helps identify the clay. Using kaolin clay or kaolin clay powder benefits your skin by restoring a hydrated, youthful glow.

Silica is known to be the third most present element in your body. It stimulates collagen production, which prevents wrinkles and signs of aging. It facilitates cell renewal, which is crucial for moisture retention.

Kaolin Clay Has A Soft Texture:

Kaolin clay’s soft fine texture is suitable for every skin type.

Adding a tad bit of water to kaolin clay powder will help you maintain a good consistency to apply it to your skin.

When the clay dries up, it does not shrink too much. For your skin, this means that it will not dry it out when you use it in your skin care regimen.

Amazing Benefits Of Kaolin Clay On Skin:

Knowing the excellent properties and benefits of Kaolin Clay, you will find your new skin care favorite in no time.

Kaolin Clay Acts A Mild Facial Cleanser:

With its soft, gentle texture and fine particles, Kaolin easily sloughs away dead skin cells, dust and grime. Everything that your face dares through the day will be gone with just one easy use of this clay. Everything that has accumulated on that naturally glowing skin will be washed away with the fantastic benefits of Kaolin Clay. Also, it does so without making your skin feel dried out.

To cleanse your skin from all the dirt and grime, use Man Arden Anti-Acne Neem Face Pack. It contains Kaolin Clay that helps remove dirt and other impurities from the surface of the skin and gently cleanses it. This Face Pack helps boost your skin with the goodness of Neem that is known for its acne-fighting properties. It can fight free radicals and Sun Damage on your skin and reduce the appearance of Blemishes and Dark Spots on your skin. Neem helps remove toxins from the skin and give out a healthy and fresh glow. It also helps to strengthen the outer layer of the skin to lock in the moisture and helps your skin to stay hydrated in the long run. It will help rejuvenate your skin from within giving out a blemish-free and healthy appearance. Enjoy the multiple benefits of Neem with Man Arden Anti Acne Neem Face Pack and take a step towards the skin of your dreams.

Improves Skin Tone & Elasticity:

The clay is made of fine particles that gently exfoliate your skin while improving its circulation. This helps rid your skin of any dead matter accumulated there and helps your skin have a more radiant appearance. It does all of that rather gently leaving your skin feeling supple, improving its tone, and enhancing its texture. This clay stimulates your skin cells and makes your skin tone even. If you use it regularly, you may see a noticeable change in your skin tone. You can also use skin care products infused with Kaolin Clay for maximum benefits.

It Absorbs Impurities & Excess Oil:

Your face dares so many environmental pollutants and grime each day. This gentle clay has properties that absorb everything that blurs and masks your glow with a dull, blemished appearance. While wet, it quickly penetrates the skin sucking all the impurities out, and as it dries, it closes the pores leaving your skin feel refreshed and free of any grime that was otherwise overpowering your natural glow.

Kaolin clay also absorbs & sucks extra oil from your skin’s surface, thereby keeping your pores unclogged. It only controls the excess sebum production on your skin surface and does not affect its natural oil level.

For a clean & glowing complexion, try Man Arden 7X Activated Charcoal Face Mask. It is infused with Kaolin Clay that helps control excess sebum production and remove impurities from the skin’s surface. It is packed with the beneficial actions of 7 of the best skin care ingredients, namely charcoal, vitamin E, vitamin C, white kaolin & bentonite, natural oils, plant extracts and menthol in a single pack. The Face Mask helps to enhance the complexion and texture of the skin. The deep cleansing actions of activated charcoal and cosmetic clays draw out dust, grime and microbes from the skin and restore the skin to its pure state. This is the ideal product for maintaining the natural skin tone despite overexposure to city pollution. The anti-pollution action of the face mask is further augmented by the topical vitamins and antioxidant rich plant extracts. The external nourishment that your skin receives from the active constituents of the botanical ingredients helps in repairing the micro-damages.

This Clay Gently Exfoliates:

As you rub Kaolin or a product infused with Kaolin Clay on your face, it rubs off and sloughs away the dead skin and damage that would either rest their arresting your glow or trigger breakouts. And it does so in a very gentle and non-abrasive manner. As it does all of that for your face, neither does it strip your skin of its natural oils, nor does it leave it feeling dry, sensitive or irritated.

Kaolin clay is an excellent exfoliator. It can remove even the smallest quantities of dirt, pollutants and bacteria from your skin, keeping your acne problems at bay.

It Softens & Leaves The Skin Supple:

As opposed to the general behavior of different clays, Kaolin Clay does not need a hydrating agent to go with it. It doesn’t require you to find the correct dose of Aloe Vera or other nourishing ingredients to go with. On its own, it leaves your skin feeling supple and hydrated. It does so, as it removes the impurities without stripping your skin of its natural hydration.

It Soothes Your Skin:

Kaolin clay has soothing qualities that can calm your irritated skin caused by an insect bite or any skin rash. It has mild healing properties that help to soothe any type of irritation and redness on your skin.

Shields The Skin To Prevent Tired & Dull Skin:

Kaolin clay powder can form a barrier for your skin and protect it from contaminants like day-to-day dirt, pollution, and gunk.

This barrier acts as a protective skin shield to prevent your skin from looking tired, dull and dehydrated, helping it to restore its natural glow.

All in all, Kaolin Clay helps make your skin soft, supple and healthy without leaving it dry or irritated. Add to other natural ingredients or use a natural skin care product having Kaolin Clay and its refreshing nature and you have a perfectly groomed radiant face.

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