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Bathing: we assume all of us do it persistently and a practice that’s been implemented ever since we took birth. Needless to say, it is highly pivotal to keep our body neat and clean, which keeps dirt and bacteria at bay, those responsible for negatively impacting the skin.

Today, if we talk about cleansers, there are a plethora of choices available to us in the shape of soaps and body wash. Both of these types of so-called purifiers deliver their own benefits, yet there has been an ever-going debate on this topic. There are some people who support the humble soap bar and believe them to be better than any other cleanser. While there are also individuals favoring only showers gels and have their point of view. So, the conclusion is: it is a never-ending discussion and the ongoing war of words would never end. Everyone has their own opinion and we respect that.

That said, albeit, there is still a major chunk of the population who utilizes soap in their regimen, most recently the momentum has shifted gears towards body wash. Versatile and lovely scented, a shower gel is employed by more and more individuals in this contemporary era.

Contemplating why is that? Well, to answer this and to clear any of your skeptics, go through these myriad perks of a shower gel. The hope is that after reading them you’ll begin to ply a body wash in your daily routine.

Benefits of a shower gel that will wow you

1. The combination of essential oils, splendid fragrances, along other vitamins-as an example, is one of the pivotal reasons for bathing with a body wash. The scented aroma of a shower gel will keep your body invigorated throughout the day.

Apart from gently scrubbing, there are also gels readily up for grabs that are induced with a special type of antiperspirant chemicals. These are extremely profitable for those who sweat in excess, especially during dog days.

2. It’s a dime a dozen scenario: usually soap bars are encompassed with hair of the body, which appears quite nasty to a person who glances at it. Such a thing won’t be encountered when you wield a shower gel. These are packaged in liquid form and the fluid is pushed out through the nozzle. As a result, the likelihood of any outside material in the shape of body hair-for instance, is highly unlikely to occur.

To put it simply, a body wash is considered more sanitary.

3. From the perspective of savings, utilizing a bar soap means more wastage. How? Well, there are extra chances of losing some part of soap when water enters the container in which they are kept. And, you might be familiar with such a situation that may have happened to you in the past.

Luckily such hassles are not there when you avail body wash in your routine. These are designed in a manner that impedes the moisture content entering the bottle in which they are stored. Additionally, it abets to squeeze out that quantity only which is required.

4. Generating lather with the best of soaps can sometimes be a tedious task. The desired foam is never attained and you are unable to enjoy the bathing experience.
In contrast to this, with a body wash, a dense froth can be readily evoked. This is essentially due to the fluid-like structure of shower gels, loaded with some of the most amazing surfactants that aids in the easy creation of lather.

5. If you or someone from the family has some kind of skin issue, it’s advocated not to use a common soap. This way; the probability of the disease being contaminated is obstructed. Plus, you yourself won’t go for a soap that’s manipulated by someone else.

Such a problem cannot even come into the picture when a body wash is executed.

6. To continue with the above point, if you intend to keep multiple soaps for distinct family members, it would definitely impact your budget. By plying a single shower gel, you’re in a way saving your hard-earned money.

7. If you wish to accentuate the appearance of your bathing area, one method is by keeping shower gel instead of traditional soap bars. It will be able to give a good impression to whosoever visits your bathroom area.

How to use Shower gel or Body Wash?

When it comes to cleansing your body, there are more than ever ways of doing it in the shape of new formulas, products, and techniques. Further, we will talk about some methods of employing a body wash effectively. Read along to find them out.

A) With your hands

One of the most conventional and convenient ways of making use of a body wash is with the assistance of your hands. Take out a small quantity of the fluid on the palm of your wet hands and try to make a quick lather. Once it is done, slather it on the different parts of the body and hold on for a few minutes for effective outcomes. Post this, rinse with the help of water. You’ll realize the banishing of impurities that emerged prior to bathing.

B) With a loofah

Another wonderful method of availing a body wish is with a loofah. As per most aficionados, it is the most recommended way of cleaning your body. It is essentially because; apart from scrubbing, it gives more of a spa-like experience at the comforts of your household.

To use the loofah, apply a bit of fluid on the sponge, damp it partially by keeping it under a faucet, and then rub it all over the body. Things should get sudsy in the shortest interval and the wonderful relaxation that you’ll get is just beyond imagination.

For your information: After employing a loofah, it’s recommended to wash it properly and dry it out. Ditching this important check may invite the growth of bacteria.

C) With a washcloth

Don’t Wana use a loofah or body scrub? Never mind! A simple cotton cloth would serve the purpose. Grab a portion of it, dispense a bit of shower gel on it, and rub it on the entire body dedicatedly to generate the required lather. The target of cleaning is readily achieved.

D) With a body brush

Reaching every part of the body, especially the back is a cumbersome task and more often than not you’re unable to make it. In other words, you’re in a way overlooking the complete hygiene procedure.

Luckily, with the availability of products like body brush, the above hassles won’t come in the notion. Once again, pour some fluid on it, add some aqua, and happy scrubbing.

Note – A piece of vital information from our experts: all of the above techniques are a marvelous way of cleaning, yet they should be performed with utmost care. By this we essentially mean, you need to be gentle in your approach and do not be harsh on your skin. After all the intent is to gain the maximum out of a body wash.

How to search for the best shower gel?

Now that you’re acquainted with the oodle’s number of perks, are you scouting for the best shower gel per your skin type? Well, it is needless to say that picking the one out of so many is indeed an arduous process.

To make your search easy, when adding body wash to your kitty, look for ingredients like Coffea Arabica Seed, Shea butter, Rosemary extract, Licorice, Aloe Vera-for instance. Thus, it is imperative more than ever that you go through the labeling of the container for researching these additives.

You would be amazed to know that one of the manufacturers, who fabricate some of the most tremendous shower gels along with other beauty products, utilizes the above-mentioned ingredients in the formulation. Have a look at some of their shower gels!

Arabica Coffee Body Scrub

Good skincare is imperative for both men’s and women’s – scrubbing is a crucial part of healthy skin and sloughing away the dead skin. All the men’s looking for some extra TLC for their body should give it a shot to Manarden Arabica coffee body scrub; the optimal exfoliator for the body is enriched with the goodness of natural coffee Arabica seed which is a powerhouse compound of antioxidant that not only safeguard the dermis from environmental aggressors but also gently polishes the rough patches. Moreover, the scrub has the ability to take out gunk from deeper layers – offering a smoother and healthier tone. Furthermore, the opulent product is mild and doesn’t strip off the natural oil from the skin all thanks to the inclusion of Shea butter, it provides the scrub the buttery texture and restores the moisture into the epidermis after every use. The punch of active botanicals like rosemary extract in the product helps in keeping the skin refresh, toned, and rejuvenates the congested complexion because the potent additive is chock-full of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Plus, if your body has dark patches, uneven tone, and pigmentation then the scrubber is a must-have product in your regimens, the product is enriched with licorice- it is nature’s own skin lightening ingredient that offers instant brightening effect and succor in banishing stubborn brown spots. And, the Korean beauty adores substance Aloe Vera is also part of this opulent body scrub – it is renowned for a soothing and calming effect, expect cool and dewy tone post exfoliation session. On top of that, the scrub is a perfect pick for sensitive skin types as it doesn’t contain irritants, toxic chemicals (parabens, silicones, sulfates, mineral oils), and artificial fragrances. It is made with 100% natural elements sourced from mother’s nature’s lap. What to expect: unclogged pores, deep warding off impurities, and uncongested complexion. All you have: reinvigorated, supple, and clear skin.

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Bergamot Cedarwood Luxury Shower Gel

After a long day, there is one activity that abets in keeping the skin clean and warding off collected grime from the body – the shower! Men who are looking to harness the goodness of natural ingredients in their bath time should surely give it a try to manarden bergamot Cedarwood luxury shower gel; the plush product is infused with some of the highest quality ingredients which smell awesome and succor in keeping the epidermis extra soft. The two core compound in the gel is Bergamot Oil – lauded for its stunning smell is equally beneficial for the skin. It is laden with antibacterial and astringent properties i.e. effectively unclog the pores as well as control the sebum production. Moreover, it is also chock-full of anti-inflammatory properties – so no more acne! No more zit! Additionally, the bergamot oil is bliss for those suffering from painful cysts and also beneficial as a spot treatment. This multitasking substance is worth to be incorporated into the daily shower arsenal.

With that said, the second core substance in the luxe product is Cedarwood essential oil. It has a plethora of benefits from health to anti-inflammatory, to antispasmodic properties- it abets in giving lackluster and dull skin its much-needed glow and hydration alongside averting premature aging all thanks to its antioxidant properties. Additionally, it also succors in soothing and calming the irritated tone – a blessing for those with eczema. The powerful element can help in reducing skin imperfection also. Added bonus: the liquid gel has the heavenly scent of both the element – a warm woody smell with lively citrus divine fragrances. A perfect way to kick starts the day with an intoxicating aroma! Just like all other products from manarden this shower gel is also free of harmful toxins like parabens, sulfates, silicones, phthalates, and mineral oils. Moreover, made with pure and organic substances the product is vegan and no animals were harmed during the manufacturing. And, it is proudly made in India! So, for men with any skin type oily, dry, finicky, or sensitive the luxury product is worth investing in for winding down a busy day with a spa-like feel! Inculcate the product in your arsenal for a healthy, nourished, and clean complexion.

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