What’s Inlying In The Program?

What About Having An Alliance With Us To Celebrate Manhood Together!
Let your creative and innovative self come out to rock. We are already fond of your “Out Of The Box & unique content creating ideas. You’ll surely fetch unnumbered & exclusive Man Arden products with your creativity. Using our absolutely FREE & amazing MAN ARDEN products and creating unique & valuable content for your followers is all what you need is to.

You’ll be totally amazed to know that your skills can make you money as well.
Well, we at Man Arden mean what we say.
This is one of India’s most gratifying influencer programs and we know you won’t miss this out!
Make the Most of Your Skills & Embrace Manhood!



Every month we’ll send you a customized Man Arden Goodie Box with products that are forged with all the goodness of natural components.

cash price

Earn Cash Rewards!

You can even earn coupons worth Rs 5000 to the Man Arden Content Creator of the Week.
Furthermore! After being selected as the Man Arden Content Creator of the Week’ – your handsome face and Instagram handle will flash on our social media & website!

Get Visibility

Get Visibility Among Millions!

As our esteemed Man Arden Content Creator, you’ll probably have an opportunity to get featured on our social media platforms.

master class

Great Chances To Attend Masterclasses With The Best!

We will adjoin you with industry experts for exciting sessions on content creation & other interesting topics. Oh, and it’s absolutely free for you!


Get Access To MAN ARDEN Manufacturing Process!

As a Man Arden Content Creator, you’ll get a chance to sneak peek into our product layout process. You can also suggest your own innovative formulations.We’ll welcome your creativity to unite with us with open arms.


Benefits You Get To Share With Your Followers!

Share the ‘BIG BEAUTY GALORE’ survey with your Insta fam using your unique link and ALL your followers who fill up the survey get Assured Freebies & Coupons from St.Botanica.
Wait, that’s not it! Everytime someone uses your special link to take the survey it increases your chances of getting picked as the ‘St.Botanica Beauty Creator of the Week.’

early access

Early & Easy Access To Our New Products!

You will get to try Our Fresh Launches before anyone else.We’ll send you a special link with more deets on your email!

1. Create As Much As You Can!
Flaunt your favorite Man Arden product in as many posts as possible!
We at Man Arden crave your love, engagement & reach of your posts.😉 😉
Don’t forget to use our hashtags: #Manarden #MensGroomingRedefined
2. We Know You Are Brilliant At It!
Make your followers curious to buy premium Man Arden products with your unique and impactful products.
Each time your followers click on the special link, you automatically earn points.
This is how simple it is!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Man Arden Content Creator Program?

Man Arden Content Creator Program is an incomparable program for influencers and beauty lovers. It is an annual subscription program that gets you access to an unlimited supply of Man Ardenproducts (All Year Round!). You just simply need to help us with promoting the products by Man Arden and do your amazing job that you’re already doing – i.e. create encouraging and valuable content for your followers! You can earn rewards and also earn tons of benefits in the process!

2. Do I Need To Get Registered To Join Man Arden Content Creator Program?

A. Yes, you need to register with Man Arden to participate in the program.

3. Can I Still Partner With Other Beauty Brands?

A. Yes, why not! You can be a Man Arden Content Creator and still participate in other campaigns via other brands, as well. This is a non-exclusive program so you are absolutely free to collaborate with other brands. We just need your love 😉

4. What Is The Minimum & Maximum Duration Of The Program?

A. To avail all the amazing benefits of the program, you will need to be a part of St.Botanica Beauty Creator for a minimum 12 months. More to add we will love our association, for as long as you want!

5. What Is The Criteria To Be Eligible To Apply For This Program?

A. Your account on Instagram should be public
B. You should have a minimum of 10K followers
C. You should be over 18 years of age
D. You should be an Indian citizen

6. I Have An Active Youtube Account but Not Instagram. Can I Still Apply?

A. Sorry, not at the moment! This program is exclusively created for influencers with a valid & public Instagram account. However, the minimum following should be 10,000. We are sure you can get there soon! That’s no big deal for you.

7. What Kind Of Influencers Qualify For The Program?

A. An established or aspiring content creator or a skincare enthusiast has high chances of getting approved. However, other influencers can apply as well.

8. What Is The Criteria To Get Selected?

A. Just be innovative,creativite, post quality content and engage your Fam. All you need to remember is that consistency is the key. Our team does a very thorough check, keeping these criteria in mind before your profile gets shortlisted.

9. What Is The Criteria To Get Promoted To Man Arden Content Creator Program PRO?

A. Make sure that you make maximum use and highlight the benefits of Man Arden products in your content.
B. Go over and above and create as many unique, innovative & engaging images or videos. (We Love Creativity!)
C. The engagement and reach of your #ManArdenContentCreator posts.
D. Your content must influence your followers to buy Man Arden products.

10. Will I Get Paid For Any Content Created For The Program?

A. You can get paid only when;

  • You get picked as ‘ Man Arden Content Creator of the Week’ and get Rs….. every week.
  • If your followers purchase products that you recommend using your link and you may get paid for that.

Don’t worry, the rewards are completely worth it!

11. What if a certain product sent to me in the Man Arden Goodie Box is not suitable for my skin type/skin tone? Can I exchange it? Will I still be expected to use it in my content?

A. We completely understand if a product is not suitable for your skin. However, we’re sure you can figure out innovative ideas & ways to use it. Your skills and creativity in your content will always earn you brownie points. Unfortunately, we do not allow exchanges right now but you can reach out to us, in case of any concerns. We are sure to help you!

12. Will I Be Allowed To Pick The Products I would Like To Use In My Content?

A. Oops! We currently do not have any such option where you can pick your own products.

13. What If I Want To Leave The Program Before I Complete 12 Months?

If you decide to leave the program for any reason, do contact us on
[email protected] to discuss your options. We can plan your exit from the program or put your participation on hold temporarily based on your concerns & allow you to resume when possible.
If you leave the program without informing us, you will lose out the opportunity to rejoin our Creator Program in future and will also be blacklisted from all future campaigns.
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