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Men’s Hair Care Guide To Get Rid Of Dandruff

Let us all face it that having dandruff is not the most stylish of ways your hair could look. In addition to the way it makes your hair look, don’t forget the fact it can be itchy and irritable. Dandruff is a very common issue faced by many people of any age. It is not a serious condition, but it can affect your everyday life, and we know how frustrating it can get. Some right hair care tips can definitely help to reduce it and prevent it from coming back.

While for most of the men, dandruff may be somewhat seasonal, there are a few who shed a lot throughout the year. Now, getting rid of dandruff may look like a difficult task. Having snowflakes all over your shoulders and clothes can affect your self-esteem in a big way, so it is unquestionably something you want to knock out before it starts to drag you down.

What Is Dandruff?
  • Dandruff affects up to 50% of people.
  • Dandruff mainly occurs from a skin condition on the scalp. If you think you have dandruff, you will notice white flakes and an itchy, scaly scalp. The flakes are the more evident symptom, as sometimes they can fall onto your shoulders, and are more prominent on people with brown or black hair.
  • An itchy scalp and flakiness are the hallmark signs of this condition, but it may also cause other symptoms like greasy patches on the scalp and tingling skin.
What Causes Dandruff?

There is a common misconception that dandruff is caused by poor hygiene, but it is not true! So there is nothing to worry about if you have it! Unfortunately, some men can even get beard dandruff too!

There are numerous potential causes which cannot be helped, and if you have any of these, it is important to talk to a specialist and see what treatment is available.

Firstly, there is a need to bust one of the biggest myths. Dandruff is not caused by dry skin. Instead, there are a few main causes:

Irritated & Oily Skin –

This can lead to an exceptionally severe form of dandruff called seborrheic dermatitis. It is also quite common. If your scalp is red, greasy, and covered in white or yellow flakes, this is probably what you are dealing with. The condition can cause similar problems elsewhere on your body, mainly wherever there are lots of oil glands.

Yeast & Fungus Growth –

Most adults have Malassezia, a common fungus, living on their scalps. But occasionally, this fungal infection can irritate your skin and throw your scalp’s cell growth cycle out of whack. Cells get replaced too frequently, leading to excessive dead skin cell accumulation. Those dead cells mix with oil and you get white, flakey dandruff.

Another common yeast that can cause dandruff is pityrosporum orbiuclare. Since it feeds on skin oils, it tends to cause dandruff in men with oily scalps.

Not Washing Your Hair Enough –

Obviously, it is true that washing your hair too many times can strip away natural oils and leave your hair dehydrated. But the opposite is also not better. Not washing your hair enough allows for excessive oil accumulation. That is a risk factor for dandruff since some of the yeasts and fungi that cause flakes are hungry for that scalp oil.

Additionally, cold weather and stress could also make dandruff worse.

Knowing this information, let us find out how we can prevent or eliminate dandruff in men.

Shampoo Smarter

Your hair and scalp have a natural balance that is disturbed every time you shampoo your hair. The vast majority of chemical-laden shampoo strips your hair and scalp of its natural oils. Stripping them of their oils destroys the natural balance. Your body reacts by realizing that these oils have been stripped and goes into overdrive, creating sebum (oil) to restore the natural balance. As mentioned above, when your scalp becomes too oily, the malassezia globosa fungus can start to generate dandruff.

Consider the following solution to this problem. Firstly, do not wash your hair every day, as already mentioned above, it does not need it. Not only can shampooing your hair every day cause dandruff by stripping it of needed natural oils, but it can also cause premature thinning and balding of your hair. Plan to shampoo your hair only 3 or 4 times a week. Your hair should always feel a little slightly oily. Believe us; this is healthy and normal.

Secondly, switch the shampoo you use. The best dandruff shampoo for men is a natural ingredient based shampoo for men. Natural shampoos prevent stripping your hair of its essential oils – oils that keep it healthy and growing properly. The best dandruff shampoo for men will contain a natural anti-fungal or antioxidant or some other enriching ingredient that won’t dry out the scalp like traditional chemical filled men’s dandruff shampoos. Using a chemical-loaded anti-dandruff shampoo may help temporarily kill the fungus, but it will also harm your hair. Some natural hair conditioners should be present in your anti-dandruff shampoo for men, as it will replace any lost essential oils.

For clear scalp & healthy hair, try Man Arden Activated Charcoal Shampoo With Menthol. It contains Activated Shampoo, having absorption properties that will soak away excess oil and help get rid of oily scalp, itchiness and redness, or dandruff. It is a clarifying shampoo that removes all traces of impurities and product residues from the scalp and hair. The powerful adsorption capacity of activated charcoal is responsible for the deep cleansing action of the shampoo. It is the perfect cleansing agent for protecting the hair from city pollution. The impressive ingredients in the shampoo work together to hydrate, repair and strengthen the hair shafts. Multiple nutrient-rich natural oils are blended in the shampoo to fortify the natural protective barrier of the scalp and the hair shaft so that the hair does not become dry and frizzy after washing. The external nourishment supplied by the shampoo helps revitalize the hair follicles and makes the dry, brittle hair stronger.

Use Soothing Hair Products

Dandruff is usually accompanied by dryness, itchiness and irritation, but a few soothing hair and scalp products can do wonders for calming the discomfort. For example, using products containing aloe vera or menthol can help ease itch and pain, so that you scratch (and flake) less. Make sure you choose shampoo and conditioner containing nourishing ingredients. In case you have got an extreme case of itchy scalp, you may find some relief by soaking your head in a warm bath spiked with some baking soda and other soothing extras.

For healthy & nourished hair, try Man Arden Activated Charcoal Cream Conditioner. It is formulated with premium ingredients to moisturize and protect hair from urban pollution. Activated charcoal infused in the conditioner completes your hair wash ritual by trapping product residues, and when you rinse off the conditioner thoroughly from the hair, your hair is left perfectly clean. Various cold-pressed oils such as Moroccan argan oil, sweet almond oil, virgin coconut oil, avocado oil and golden virgin jojoba oil are blended in the conditioner to deeply condition the hair. The oil blend moisturizes and nourishes the hair strands and fortifies them against environmental damage. The external nourishment needed to repair the damaged hair and strengthen the weak hair is provided by the hair conditioner.

Take Care Of Your Scalp

This is a no brainer, right? Dandruff starts on the scalp, and the best way men can prevent dandruff is to take care of it. Exposing your scalp to nutrients daily can help keep its follicles working on a normal level, i.e. not needing to overproduce new skin cells and keeping oil production normal. The best way to feed it nutrients is through a natural conditioning ingredient for men. The best natural conditioner for men contains aloe vera and Vitamin E. They both are renowned for containing a plethora of healthy ingredients your scalp needs.

You should completely avoid taking hot showers or color your hair as these both dissolve the needed natural oils in your hair.

Stimulate The Scalp:

Giving yourself a deep scalp massage with oil or using a scalp massaging shampoo brush may be one of the best activities to add to your anti-dandruff routine. A little bit of scalp stimulation can do wonders for the overall health of the scalp and hair, aiding in the removal of dead skin cells and providing relief for those struggling with extreme itch. When you use a scalp brush to work the shampoo into your hair, you also get a deeper clean, which can help rid the scalp of all the oils and bacteria that yeast love. Plus, when you have got an itchy head, it feels amazing to give it a little scratch or massage while you are washing your hair.

Dandruff is clearly visible, and a lot of people feel self-conscious when they have it. Men will have to follow a proper hair care routine regularly to keep dandruff away, so your hair can go back to looking sleek and stylish!

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