7X After Shave Balm Spearmint, 100ml

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      After Shave Balm Spearmint

      Man Arden 7X After Shave Balm Spearmint offers 7 post-shaving benefits: It helps calm, moisturize, soothe, protect, refresh and brighten the skin while providing antioxidant support. The smooth, lightweight and creamy consistency of the Aftershave Balm helps revitalize the shaved area and soothe irritated skin. The blend of ingredients spread evenly on the freshly shaved area and penetrate into the cells to help give you a better look. The natural extracts may help calm the sensitive skin and manage razor burn. The plant actives will help maintain the natural elasticity & skin tone.

      Witch Hazel Extract: It contains Vitamin C, an antioxidant that may help offer protection against skin damage. It also helps brighten the complexion

      Tulsi Extract: It can help remove excess oil, eliminate ‘free radical damage and rejuvenate the skin.

      Spearmint Oil: It helps offer a cooling sensation to dry, inflamed and irritated skin while reducing itching.

      Lemon Extract: It contains Vitamin C, an antioxidant that may help offer protection against skin damage. It also helps brighten the complexion.

      Golden Jojoba Oil: It may help soothe, moisturise and nourish your skin while improving skin tone.

      Avocado Oil: It is a nutrient-rich oil that helps nourish and moisturize your skin and keep it healthy.

      Aloe Vera Extract: It can help calm redness and irritation caused by shaving while keeping the skin, hydrated.

      Power Of Spearmint Oil & Jojoba Oil

      The combination of cold-pressed oils will help minimize damage to the beard area & preserve the integrity of the skin. We have carefully formulated this unique aftershave balm without any harmful chemicals and hence it will be safe on your skin. Moreover, we don’t test our products on animals. Hence this balm is also 100 % cruelty-free.


      1. After you finish shaving, take the required amount of balm on your palm.
      2. Apply generously on your face (beard area).
      3. Now, gently massage the aftershave balm on the beard area.


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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 61 reviews

      The finest partner for my shaving experience is this minty aftershave balm. Razor burns are avoided, and your skin receives more comprehensive care. It benefits your skin because it doesn't include harsh chemicals or sulfates.

      Hardeep ahuja

      Nice product


      The quality of this aftershave balm is on another level. The ingredients used are very gentle on my skin and I no longer get too sensitive. I like how easily it spreads and how refreshed my skin feels.

      Akshay A

      Most of the time, I accidentally get cut with my razor. So to cool the pain and soothe the irritated surface, I use this aftershave balm. Amazing aftershave item! I just like the cooling effect it produced on the irritated areas.


      After shaving my beard, I apply this aftershave spearmint to take care of my skin and provide skin with more nourishment. This has helped me reduce common problems like razor burns, skin rashes and itchy skin. It is a great product