Beard Elixir Oil, 50ml (Sandalwood)

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      Beard Elixir Oil(Sandalwood)

      Tame your rough, dry, unmanageable Beard hair with Man Arden Beard Elixir Oil. The fast-absorbing beard oil forms a protective layer around each hair strand that helps smoothen the frizzy and unruly beard. It is packed with nutrient-rich oils that help protect your facial hair against damage and breakage. It keeps your beard, moustache and goatee in a healthy state. This beard oil is a novel formulation with the finest quality ingredients that help support optimal beard growth. Loaded with nutrient-rich oils, it helps soften, nourish and hydrate the facial hair while supporting their natural thickness and elasticity.

      Sweet Almond Oil:It helps improve complexion and skin tone while keeping your skin moisturised.

      Rosemary Oil: Rosemary oil helps condition the skin under the beard, moustache and goatee while supporting the hair growth process.

      Extra Virgin Olive Oil: It helps grow your beard by seeping into the hair follicles and bracing the growth of new hair.

      Moroccan Argan Oil:It is packed with vitamin E that assists in overhauling the dry beard hair and skin, while pacifying and protecting it against damage.

      Grapeseed Oil: It is considered to be one of the thinnest lightest and fastest absorbing oils that helps balance the correct amount of moisture in the skin and beard-hair without making it feel greasy.

      Golden Jojoba Oil: It is globally known for its ability to provide long-lasting beard hydration and possess a long shelf life in addition.

      Get That Naturally Nourished Beard!

      The blend of premium oils helps offer protection against UV damage. Harmful chemicals like Mineral Oils or Parabens etc, that potentially harm the skin and hair are not included in this beard oil. Hence, this beard oil is safe for regular use. You can even use this oil on dry scalp, face and hair.


      1. Pour a few drops of Man Arden Beard Elixir Oil on your palm and rub between your palms.
      2. Now, gently massage your beard.
      3. Prefer applying  to a freshly washed beard for optimal results.


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      Q9. Is it safe to use Man Arden Beard Elixir Oil every day?
      Q10. How to use this beard oil?
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 54 reviews

      It was never too late to restore my damaged beard to health. The oil's quality is simply astounding. I have no complaints to make. It performed exactly how a good beard oil is intended to nourish must.


      Smells really nice


      Elixir oil has been everything my beard needed and so much more. It infuses my beard strands with all the oil goodness and nourishes them in all the ways I never thought possible.

      Nagaraj S

      It was never too late to turn my damaged one into a healthy beard. The quality of the oil is just amazing. I have no negative complaints. It worked just the way a proper nourishing beard oil must work.


      If you want to thicken your hair follicles and make your beard look long and denser then apply this oil regularly. It deeply conditions your beard and stimulates more hair growth. It is the perfect solution for all your hair problems.

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