Clemency Checks Socks Collection, Regular Length

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      Enjoy soft fun and savings at the same time with this Man Arden three-socks box set. Get three pairs of socks of the same uniform small-printed pattern all through the over-the-calf size length, yet varying in color. The amazing Cambridge Clue Black and White Designer, Blue and Black Designer, and White and Grey Designer socks come in a single box to assure spare socks pair for your office and casual use. Enjoy a soothing softness wearing the socks for a long time with the Quick Dry technology, Moisture-Absorbing ability, mesh-based elastic nature, and superb fine Egyptian Quality Cotton makeup wherever you go.

      Sophisticated smart socks with finer assorted patterns bring an appealing look when slain over formal or casual outfits. Sustainable good-quality Egyptian Quality cotton material maintains the socks smooth and soft. With no trapping of the moisture, sweat, or stinking smell inside, the breathable, airy, and quick-dry socks create a soothing experience for a long time. 

      Man Arden’s new designer style with two-toned colors is new to look and drag one’s eyeballs. Pair them with favorite casual or formal shoes, irrespective of the occasion, it maintains a fascinating outlook. Get benefit from the skin-friendly natural material and be away from those irritations, itching, and rashes. Supportive design, feasible fitness, and advanced stay-up technology keep them intact in the right position over the calf.

      Technical Vision

      4-Way Stretchability

      These Man Arden’s socks of Egyptian Quality cotton fabric have 4-way stretchability and better elasticity to elongate and allow better placing and fitting throughout till your calf.

      Odor-free Comfort

      Keep yourself fresh and odor-free with the superior quality fabric material which dries up the sweat or moisture. No more stinky smell nearby.

      Upright Posture

      With the Stay-Up technology and non-slip technology, the socks sit right in the appropriate position without leaving them down. Perfect lock and fitness throughout keep you worriless, and no more dragging of the socks often.

      Suitable Size

      These Man Arden socks come in a single size which is feasibly fit-for-all with the stretchable nature, elastic power, and non-slip means.

      The Stitch-By-Stitch Making

      The underlying socks essentials are in no way neglected. Our Man Arden socks are perfectly crafted and made with premium-quality Egyptian Quality cotton and advanced knitting and stitching technologies. Row-by-row stitching means using a circular knitting process and advanced machinery empowers the complex-patterned socks varieties.

      Get an attractive step!! Designed with Egyptian Quality cotton fabric, these socks let an easy-fit and comfortable move when slain with formal and informal shoes. Relax with no way of irritation, itches, and rashes with the quick-dry technology basis as it avoids moisture, sweat, and stinking smell.


      • Composition: Egyptian Quality Cotton Yarn
      • Product Style: Smart socks.
      • Length: Over The Calf
      • Size: One single size
      • Wash In Cold Water
      • No Chlorine Bleach
      • Do Not Dry Clean
      • Do Not Iron
      • Do Not Tumble Dry


      Q1. Are there any synthetic materials in these socks?
      Q1. Are there any synthetic materials in these socks?
      Q3. Do they fit into my heel correctly?
      Q4. Are they suitable for official use?
      Q5. Do the colors of the socks fade away?
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