Hair Defining Paste, Medium Gloss Finish, High Hold, 50 gm

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      Thickens the Hair and Gives a Gloss Finish

      Natural goodness now beautifies your hairstyle more!! This hair-defining paste has marvelous infusions of traditional herbal extracts and oils. The conglomerated cream redefines the hair and brings a fuller, smoother, and healthier appeal.


      Makes the hair look thicker, and therefore, helpful for thin hairs
      Brings a matte or gloss finish
      Better hold for assorted hairstyles

      Infused with Natural Ingredients!

      With lightweight formulation, it pertains a medium and high hold even to thick and thin hairs. A simple hassle-free application of the paste assures a get-set-go for styling additions within minutes.


      1. Step 1: Take a small amount of hair-defining paste with your fingertips. Rub it in the palm for warm-up.
      2. Step 2: Slowly rake the hair as desired to style it as spikes, pompadours, or anything else.
      3. Step 3: Ensure uniform distribution from root to tip for a good and defined look.
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      Customer Reviews

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      I adore the product since it gives my hair an appearance of fullness. I can create various hairstyles and get a glossy or matte finish because it contains the greatest oils and extracts that are very good for my hair.


      I have dry and rough hair, and this product helped me to nourish my hair and moisturize it properly. If you want to make amazing hairstyles, this hair product is best suited for all hair types.


      This hair product leaves your hair thoroughly nourished and smooth. You give a proper shape to your hair and moisturize it as well. I apply this product to get a fashionable look and it has really been helpful


      In its all-natural goodness and standards, this Hair Paste beautifies my hairstyle more. This cream has redefined my hair and brought a fuller look. I got a smoother, healthier appeal to my hair's texture. So, I simply apply it to my hair now.

      Karthik G

      Nice product. It makes my hair smooth and at the same time, it looks fuller. It is easy to style in desired forms which makes it look full of volume, it is shiny and keeps the natural form of hair with no side effects.