Hair Pomade Cream, Light Gloss Finish, Medium Hold, 50 gm

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      Adds Slick and Shine to Hair!

      Calls from Nature! The godsend natural extracts and oils infused in our medium-hold hair pomade cream cast shine onto tresses. This pomade gives a light gloss finish to the natural shiny hair by the medium hold. It’s no less than a salon practice and imposes a professional good-looking with the slick and lustrous appeals.


      Manages any type of hair – thick, thin, curly, straight, modern, or classic
      Keeps even your long hair in the right place you want
      Cleans the flyaways, nourishes the hair, and glosses it
      Smoothes unruly hair too
      Long-lasting effect throughout the day

      For that light glossy look!

      This one controls the sideways, curls, slick backs, and even side-part hairs to put in a convenient way of hairstyles. It’s an awesome styling medium and takes the embellished hairdressings of Pompadours, Spikes, and anything else to the next level.


      1. Step 1: Towel-dry the wet hair or apply the cream on damp hair.
      2. Step 2: Take about a coin-sized quantity of hair pomade cream into your palm and rub across.
      3. Step 3: Make sure you apply it uniformly from roots to the tips. Cover the critical portions carefully by combing or raking with fingers according to the desired hairstyle.
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      Customer Reviews

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      Very Good

      Highly recommended Hair Pomade cream that makes my hair look awesome on special occasions. It has the goodness of natural extracts so I am not worried about using it often. Plus this has no parabens or sulphates.


      Loved the texture of this hair pomade cream with natural oils and natural ingredients. It does not smell wierd at all. Very nice and safe product.


      This product controls my thick, curly hair effectively. I appreciate the utilization of oils and extracts in the pomade, as well as how it aids in achieving medium hold and a gloss finish that looks natural.


      I bought this hair pomade cream, which helped me make my hair smooth and glossy. It brings a natural slick to your hair and being a natural product it is also safe for regular use. I love the hair transformation that this product brings


      If you want to add a gloss finish to your hair without affecting your hair then this hair pomade cream is highly recommended. It is made of natural ingredients and gives your hair a slick and lustrous look.