Hair Styling Gel, Gloss Finish, Medium Hold, 50 gm

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      Sets Good-looking Durable Hairstyles With Natural Goodness

      Hangover unique and splendid hairstyles instantly by holding the nutrient-rich natural extract-based hair styling gel. It smoothens and glosses the tresses, unlocks the frizzes, tames the cowlicks, and sways the strands as you say for a charming Spike, Pompadours, and Mohawks. From light to medium hold, it gives a better feel to your hair even for a sophisticated hairstyle.


      Strengthens the hair follicles with better nourishment and makes the hair shiny, beautiful, and healthy
      Makes the tresses smooth and turns it better in the desired way
      Works well even for curls and knots
      Assures lustrous healthy hair with alluring nutrients of fruit and plant extracts

      Your Professional Styling Partner

      A spot use of this hair styling gel works well for all; it’s especially a boon for those with curly and coarse-textured hair. Simply flair your hair within minutes for a sudden throw party, professional meet, or engaging occasion.


      1. Step 1: Take a coin-sized hair styling gel into your palms, rub along your hands, and apply to the hair.
      2. Step 2: Sway your fingers along the hair strands from the roots to the tips if you want a simply spiky hairstyle.
      3. Step 3: Style the hair with a comb for slicks and other unique hairdressing. Also, blow dry it for a longer and firm hold.
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 25 reviews

      I use this hair styling gel to give my hair a beautiful, glossy luster and to help me style it without damaging it. Its ingredients are all-natural components that give your hair more slickness. It is the greatest method for styling hair.


      I was looking for hair styling gel products to soften my wild and rough hair. This gel has a great smell and helped me to nourish my hair from the roots. It brings a lustrous shine and glossy finish to your hair.


      I had rough and wild hair. After applying this hair styling gel you get a perfect hairstyle. Apply this gel and condition your hair deeply from the roots. It makes your hair soft, stylish and nourished.

      k Srinath

      This hair gel is my stable used gel so far and I have been using it for a while due to its nature which gives the smoothest hair and allows me to style them regularly, I will continue to use it.


      It is truly a great product. It is best for all types of hair. My hair is curly and it is not easy for any product to set my hair in my desired style like this hair gel is doing. I am happy my curly hair is suitable.