Hair Styling Cream, Wet Looks, High Hold, 50 gm

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      Hair Styling Cream - Adds Shine to Give a Natural Shine

      Gear up yourself to have naturally shiny and glossy long hair with our specific high-hold hair styling cream. With the good vibes of natural extracts and oils, the cream hydrates the tresses; makes them smooth; and prepares them for stylish hairdos. It’s well suitable for frizzy long hairs and guides the hair in the desired style and direction.


      Perfectly tames the hair – the sideways, curls, and spikes
      Maintains frizz-free hair to allow assorted hairstyle elegance
      Supports easy movement of the tresses when styling
      Sets even short and long hair ready for styling

      Infused with Natural Extracts

      Taming even the stubborn stray hairs, the cream eases high maintenance hairstyles like Mohawks, Spikes, Pompadours. With our cream’s high hold, the appealing styles remain neat for a very long time.


      1. Step 1: Take a dab of cream into your palm, rub it across, and spread it throughout the wet hair.
      2. Step 2: Starting from the roots, apply it carefully throughout the strands with your fingers, comb, or brush. Working with a comb gives you a more defined fantastic appearance. Make sure that you cover the backside of the head.
      3. Step 3: Rub it for a minute or two and let the cream undisturbed over the hair for 20-30 minutes.
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      Customer Reviews

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      My hair styling is sort with the help Man Arden Hair Styling Cream. It contains natural oils and botanical ingredients. It contains no parabens or SLS. Very long lasting!


      This always works, no matter how I want to style my hair. One of the best styling creams I've ever used. Every time I use it, I feel and look very sophisticated. I can set long or short hair.


      I have been using this hair styling cream for a long time. It not only helps you to get saloon finished hairstyles but also helps in promoting hair growth. My hair has become fuller and well-nourished.


      I would recommend that everyone apply this hair styling cream with the goodness of natural extracts and oils. It allows me to shape and design my hair comfortably and make my hair look fuller


      No matter which hair-do I want to wear this gives me a look that is ready for any occasion. I use this now, for the occasions I want to give a twist to my hair to make them look extraordinary.