Hair Styling Wax, Gloss Finish, Medium to High Hold, 50 gm

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      Gives Gloss to the Hair with A Long-Lasting Stylish Outlook

      Natural goodness for a fashionable chic is now reachable for a clean, neat, and polished hair look. This hair styling wax with natural extracts and oils nourishes and styles the hair perfectly right to the level of excellence. It leaves the hair smooth, moves the hair down to flexibly attain the desired design or shape when styling.


      Nourishes the hair well thereby moisturizing and conditioning the hair
      Assures a perfect hairstyle by defining and maintaining the desired pattern for the hair tresses
      Makes the hair look fuller, soft, flexible, and stylish as well

      Hair Styling Wax

      Simply enjoy an absolutely professional saloon-like hair appeal experience with this easy-to-use wax comfortably at home. With a medium to high hold range, it superbly fits the needs of long, short, thick, and thin hair. Now, plunge this stylish wax to enjoy an all-day favorite Spikes, Pompadour, or Slick Back.


      1. Step 1: Take the required amount (usually a fingertip amount) of wax using the back of your thumb.
      2. Step 2: Rub it between your palms so that it’s even throughout the fingers. Spread it evenly across the hair strands right from the root to the tips. Start raking as your desired hairstyle.
      3. Step 3: If you have applied it on wet hair, just blow dry it at a low speed in a specific direction as you wish to have the hair falling over.
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      When I use it, people assume I've been to the salon since my hair is so expertly styled. For me, the medium hold is adequate. It's a tremendous accomplishment that I can easily acquire any haircut I choose.


      The reason for my long and shiny hair is this hair styling wax which is 100% natural and free from parabens, sulphate and other chemicals. It deeply nourishes my hair and helps to tame it properly.


      I have long hair and I love making amazing and new hairstyle using this hair styling wax. This wax prevents making your hair a mess and nourishes your hair from the roots. It is composed of natural oil and extracts


      This styling wax gives gloss to the Hair with a long-lasting, stylish outlook. It is relaxing to apply to the hair. After using this stylish wax, I get a clean, neat, and polished hair look for any occasion in the evening.


      It smells more like beeswax and sweet almond. I apply it all over my hair and comb over it and this is the best trick I learnt, rather than applying it after combing. It is helpful for dry and tangled hair.