Imperial Impression Socks Collection, Regular Length

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      Graceful socks essentials are here to raise your confidence!! Classy random striped patterns all through the over-the-calf-sized length socks create a good-looking style and charm. Slay these soft and designer Egyptian Quality Cotton and slide them into your formal or casual favorite shoes. Get along with the everyday rough-and-tough activities, sit along, stand over, or run across – you’ll have a fantastic fit and comfort all day. This box comes with our elegant three pairs – The Brown Bronze Edition, The Lateral White Edition, and The Majesty Muse.

      Man Arden Socks set shows a sophisticated look and appeal with the stylish and colorful stripes. Non-Negotiable next-level comfort comes with the best-made Egyptian Quality Cotton. Feel the softness and smoothness, and get pleasured to have a long-time use. Never mind the sweat and moisture! The socks are made to absorb sweat and moisture, thus keeping your feet dry always. There’s no chance of bacterial depositions, thus, stay healthy by avoiding stinking bad odor. 

      Availing the skin-friendly fabric, you’ll be safe and free from irritation, itching, and rashes. Wear them for any occasion to perfectly match your suitings, apparel, and shoes as well. Stay trouble-free too wherever you go with the comfortable body-responsive fitness that’s feasible with non-slip technology, Y-stitched heel design, and Stay-Up technology.

      Technical Vision

      Stretchable Extension

      Our Man Arden socks have ultimate 4-way stretchability to extend and elongate the fabric as needed for a comfortable fit.

      Ultra-light and Breathable

      No heavier feel even when worn with any shoe type. You’ll feel lighter and comfortable when slain over heavier shoes as well. Assured airy presence always is cherishable with the breathable fabric.


      Those stinking bad odors and disturbances to our surrounding companions are not at all posed now. Our socks are odor-free as they do not remain with bacteria or sweat.

      Universal Size

      With the best stretchability and elasticity, single-sized socks fit all.

      The Stitch-By-Stitch Making

      Socks, though seeming to be much smaller clothing accessories, are mandatory for everyday use. Yet, the making of socks is very much significant and linked with advanced techniques, technologies, and machinery. Our sophisticated circular knitting method, finer row-by-row stitching, premium-quality needles, and the highest needle counts bring to you finer and denser fabric yarned socks. The meshed techniques and other patterned styles create a classy design even with vibrant colors.

      The three elegant colorful socks pairs – brown, black, and blue – are so attractive and decent essentials to place in your wardrobe. Pair them with your favorite shoes as you need the matching style. Be a cosy gentleman when going out for your office, business camp, casual outing, party, or family event with these wonderful pairs of socks. Don’t miss the travel-friendly box set to slay the three pairs in your outing holidays or camping meets.


      • Composition: Egyptian Quality Cotton Yarn
      • Product Style: Smart socks.
      • Length: Over The Calf
      • Size: One single size
      • Wash In Cold Water
      • No Chlorine Bleach
      • Do Not Dry Clean
      • Do Not Iron
      • Do Not Tumble Dry


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