Lip-It Lip Balm for Men, Coffee Flavour, 4.5g

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      Lip-It Lip Balm for Men, Coffee Flavour

      Your lips deserve special care and protection from the vagaries of the element. It’s no secret that dry air, wind and exposure to sun and smoking can lead to tanning of the lips. Moreover, prolonged exposure to sun can give the lips a tanned and distressed look. To take care of this, we have come up with a rightly formulated Man Arden Lip Balm in coffee flavor. This lip balm has the best ingredients to hydrate and deep moisturize your lips. It smoothes and lightens the skin of your lips as it is rich in Vitamin E, almond oil and shea butter.

      Shea butter: This component is rich in antioxidants and has excellent emollient properties which retain moisture.

      Coconut oil: The natural oil protects and nourishes the dry lips to get healthy again.

      Cocoa seed butter: It’s soothing and nourishing properties for the delicate lip skin.

      Beeswax: With the lining of beeswax prevents your lips from getting chapped and dry.

      Vitamin E: It nourishes the lip’s skin.

      Why It’s the Perfect Choice for Your Lips?

      • It has natural ingredients which deeply moisturize the skin of the lips. They include ingredients such as shea butter, beeswax and jojoba oil. 
      • No gloss-no tint: This lip balm will not make your lips shiny or leave any tell-tale signs of whether you have used something on your lips. 
      • It makes the lips softened and takes away the tan: Regular use of Lip It lip balm not only moisturizes your lips to smoothness, it also soothes them with natural ingredients making them smooth. 
      • Free of harmful chemicals: This lip balm is free from parabens, mineral oils, SLES and is cruelty-free.
      • Coffee flavor: The lip balm in coffee flavor makes it a great choice if you’re also fond of coffee.

      How To Use

      1. Take out a little balm.
      2. Glide it over your lips, gently massage to spread uniformly and smack the lips together as required.
      3. Re-apply as needed.


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