The "Chase Grace" Socks Collection, Regular Length

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      Though you have many pairs of socks, it’s often irksome to find the right matching pair. This Man Arden’s twelve socks set box has twelve pairs of socks with different colors, styles, patterns, and designs. The assorted varieties can fulfill your casual and formal styles. Just pick the soft-cotton socks for a pleasing cosy feel and an eye-catching appeal!

      The Man Arden socks are the must-haves for your wardrobe to easily pick the suitable ones without getting late. With ultralight and breathable space, they are so airy and keep your feet dry and fresh. Being sweat-absorbable and moisture-absorbable, they do not make your skin wet and sticky. Stop your stinky-odor worries also – get free from those awkward feelings to go around! 

      Just wear the cosy socks right to fit your feet; its design is absolutely perfect with a Y-stitched heel design. Your sole fits appropriately well in the natural cup-like design without falling here and there. The non-slip socks remain upright with correct fit and never become loose or fall down.

      Technical Vision


      Man Arden’s socks stretch in four different directions to make them easily wearable and fit for all guys based on the contour body shape.


      Without any bad smell, these socks are free to wear comfortably for a long time. Avail your confidence to step out!


      These socks allow easy and better air passage so as to avoid moisture coming inside. You’ll feel better warmth and also better grip.

      Feasible Size

      These socks come in feasible fit-for-all sizes with better stretchable and elastic properties.

      The Stitch-By-Stitch Making

      Socks, which seem to be simple clothing accessories, are important to look at. Their manufacturing, design, and style are ever significant to assure proper foot care and safety. Man Arden uses a row-by-row stitching process and circular knitting method and crafts finer socks varieties. We make use of advanced knitting machinery, techniques, and methods to fulfill your stylish desires. The needle count is allowed as high as possible to give finer and denser stitches that keep the socks strong. Colorful patterns and designs also come out well with finer knitted lines through vivid and bright colors.

      Man Arden’s twelve-socks set box is now going to be your favorite to satisfy the assorted desires. Go for the small-printed designs, striped ones, travel-themed designs, or plain models with two-toned patterns in the box. Just pick the suitable ones that match your attire and shoes – check out for formal and casual events to drag the limelight.


      • Composition: Egyptian Quality Cotton
      • Product Style: Smart socks.
      • Length: Over The Calf
      • Size: One single size
      • Wash In Cold Water
      • No Chlorine Bleach
      • Do Not Dry Clean
      • Do Not Iron
      • Do Not Tumble Dry


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