Vintage Finish Brown Shaving Brush + Neem Shaving Cream, 200g

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      Refreshing Neem Shaving Cream

      Our Refreshing Neem Shaving Cream is designed with a premium blend of ingredients to help soften your beard hair and give you a comfortable shaving experience. Each Refreshing Neem Shaving Cream is infused with a relaxing blend of natural ingredients such as Panax ginseng root extract, Peppermint and Spearmint essential oils, along with other ingredients to help keep your skin thoroughly nourished and leave you feeling fresh. The Refreshing Neem and Detoxifying Tulsi packed in this shaving cream help ease the razor gliding on the skin and provide an extra soothing effect. The superior blend of ingredients helps support irritation-free shaving so that your facial hair gets easily lifted from the base. It helps reduce itchiness and redness in the skin. The pack contains 2 amazingly designed Refreshing Neem Shaving Creams (100g each).

      Vintage Finish Brown Shaving Brush

      Man Arden’s premium shaving brushes are committed to a luxurious shaving experience. The shaving brush’s head is equipped with densely packed bristles of high-quality synthetic fibers. Its powerful bristles retain their original shape, sponge up water, and consume less shaving cream or foam to produce a luxurious and lubricating lather that opens the pores and protects your skin.

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      Bhimji Akbari

      Excellent product.


      I use this neem shaving brush which nourishes my skin after shaving and leaves a fresh feeling and prevents acne and razor burns. Man Arden shaving brush combined with this shaving cream enhances your shaving experience


      Due to the nature of neem tree in having propriety which is anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant to the various problems of skin and body, at once I knew to choose this shaving cream for my highly sensitive skin and face.


      I use this neem refreshing shaving cream as it comes with a blend of natural ingredients. It has helped me to reduce skin redness and irritation. I use the shaving brush which is constructed with high quality material.


      The bristles are smooth with this brush and its texture is smooth which does not hurt my face while I shave it with this brush. I can confirm that this is one of the best brushes for shaving out there.