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Shaving Etiquettes: Say No To Razor Burn, Irritation & Ingrown Hair

It takes a lot of effort to maintain your skin & hair, but it takes even more work to adorn a clean-shaved dapper look.

Taking care of your skin, especially when you shave, can genuinely be a bumpy ride. As it not only includes the daunting task of fighting acne but also comes with various serious concerns such as ingrown hair and razor bumps.

We are not done here!

You might be able to learn some of the very basic steps of shaving from TV ads, brand endorsements and a little bit of advice from your peers & elders. But grasping the know-how of preventing a razor burn only comes from personal experience (obviously some in-depth research). As far as the research goes, only genuine advice & self-practice can help.

After all, nothing looks and feels more serious than turning blazing red right after shaving your face. You might have willingly and happily went for an ultra-smooth finish, only to be punished for it. And how can you forget that by the time the razor burn heals, new stubble will already be growing, so what was the point? Additionally, your skin might feel irritated as hell!

These shave-related problems are not just superficial facts of life; one should level up their shaving routine enough to prevent them. If they are already here, there are techniques to overcome the agony while they heal, whether you have one or many of them. And in the event of difficult, persistent problems, there are also ways you can try to remove the trapped hair yourself. However, you must know when it becomes a task that is best left to the dermatologist.

Ways To Master Shaving Etiquettes

You should not knock out the act of shaving. In fact, you should be all for it, especially when it is done correctly and safely. Razor burn, ingrown hair, irritation, razor bumps and other shave related problems can be entirely preventable. You just require a proper and careful routine as all these problems are a result of a shaving regimen that is hasty or careless. With such careful consideration, even guys with sensitive skin can avoid it.

You must follow specific steps to protect and nurture your skin while shaving, especially if you are susceptible to irritation, ingrown hairs, and razor burn. Let us all precisely look at some of them.

The Key Is To Prepare Your Skin Properly:

As it is always said – First things first! You need to warm up your skin and prepare it literally for that sharp razor. Start with taking a hot shower or washing your face thoroughly with warm water. If you skip on this vital initial step, your skin is less elastic, and your stubble more stubborn. When you warm up your skin, you have soft skin and hair, which lessen the likelihood of the blade dragging and tugging the skin. This improves the razor’s ability to shave cleanly and properly.

After splashing some warm water, you may wash your face before shaving to remove extra dirt and grime. Try Man Arden Anti-Acne Neem Foaming Face Wash with Built-in Brush. It is the perfect skin cleanser formulated for every skin type, giving a fresh boost to start your day. It has a unique and functional design as it comes with a silicone brush that helps exfoliate your skin blandly and evenly every time you use it, creating a perfect base for shaving. It is infused with natural, gentle, yet effective ingredients to help eliminate the toxins and impurities from your skin. These natural and bioactive components help reduce blemishes and pigmentation from your skin, making it healthier and brighter. The acne-fighting properties of Neem help minimise the appearance of acne and acne marks on your skin and soothe irritated skin right after you shave it. The silicon brush is the perfect addition to your exfoliation routine to make skin healthy.

As razor bumps and ingrown hair are caused by hair follicles trapped under the skin, it is always an intelligent decision to gently scrub away any dead cells before you start. We highly recommend Man Arden Neem Face Scrub that is specifically crafted keeping in mind male skin requirements. It is formulated with gentle, natural and effective ingredients that remove dirt, grime and other impurities from the pores without irritating the surface. This helps in a smooth shaving experience. The naturally derived formula helps soothe the skin and calm any discomfort that leads to breakouts or redness. It clears the skin without disturbing the natural moisture balance. Infused with the required quantity of all the potent ingredients, it takes care of existing skin concerns such as acne or irritations, if any. The star ingredient, Neem, has antiseptic properties that help prevent any type of infection. You just need to go easy on your skin and use it lightly to avoid unnecessary abrasion. The Scrub also helps control excessive oil production that leads to the formation of acne. It helps eliminate deep-seated blackheads and whiteheads, leaving you with a fresher and healthier appearance.

After the careful skin prep session, you should apply a pre-shave oil or cream. This forms a thin, nourishing base layer over the skin to prevent it from the blade without jeopardising the closeness of the shave itself. It also further softens the hairs so that you can shave without any resistance.

Be Careful With Razor Hygiene:

Razor hygiene is crucial in deterring burns, ingrowns and bumps. If you are not regularly replacing your razor, it might be time for you to set up some reminders or sign up for a razor replenishment program like many. This will help top you up so that you never use a dull, rusted or dirty blade. It would be best if you shaved with a sharp, clean blade that is fresh. You do not need to toss the cartridge after each use. You should get multiple uses out of one razor head if you are good at maintaining & storing them hygienically.

A common rule of thumb often recommended by experts for razor replacement is that you should never use a razor more than eight times. And never use it for more than three weeks. So, make it a point or set a reminder (whatever suits you!) to replace the blade at either of those intervals, whichever one comes first. At this point, the razor has become either too dull, or it has collected too much bacteria, impurities and dust, even if you have been storing it properly. Storing in the proper condition means keeping it upright in a cool, dry space after shaving. And with a plastic cover over the top between shaves after it is dried.

If you have sensitive skin, you might also consider using a razor with fewer blades or changing it quite often to minimize the number of sharp objects dragging over your skin. This is why lots of guys switch to a safety razor.

Use A Good Shaving Brush:

If you are shaving beard hairs that are more than a few days old, you might be able to lift them up away from the skin by applying your shave cream/foam with a premium brush. You just need to wet the brush in warm water, fill it with the required amount of cream and then apply it in circular motions against the grain on your face. This builds a creamy lather while also pulling the hairs up and priming them for a nice, clean and gentle shave. It is an important step to prevent razor bumps and ingrown hair, giving less irritation.

Try Man Arden Premium Shaving Brush With Extra Soft Bristles. It is designed with a brush head having excellent high bristle density. The bristles are made with high-quality synthetic fibers that glide gently on the skin, without irritating skin. It has a high water soaking, and retention capacity, with bristles that enhance lather formation. Your beard is covered with extra lather without improving the amount of shaving cream or gel. It helps save wastage of shaving cream as well as water. The non-porous synthetic fibers are as natural and soft as natural hair. However, they dry up faster than natural hair. This is a highly hygienic brush for daily shaving. The resin handle is thoughtfully crafted to provide a strong and comfortable grip. The brush handle is highly durable and could last a lifetime if properly taken care of. The convenient handle grip eases the distribution of lather. It can be your perfect shave partner.

Follow A Proper Shave Direction:

Till now, if you have done everything correctly, the moment you begin to shave, you should trust the process. There is absolutely no need to apply lots of pressure to the blade, as you will only cut off extra cells or trim some hairs slightly below the skin’s surface. Remember to lighten your grip and let the blade glide over the top of your pre-shave layer and the shaving cream. Avoid multiple passes, either. The secret behind it is to shave against the grain of your hair growth. This is the best way to ensure the closest shave ever.

Hydrate & Calm Your Face After Shaving:

Just as you opened the pores, prepped your skin and relaxed your hairs before your shave, you need to close everything back up after the procedure. Follow by rinsing with some cold water on the face after you shave to remove debris and, more importantly, to close the pores. You could splash cold water on the face and then apply a post-shave toner to disinfect and cleanse the pores, especially if you are hyper prone to redness. You can also use some hydrating cream or oil to calm and soothe the skin.

All it requires to learn shaving etiquettes is hard work and persistence. If you are regular with that, you just got your shave right. We have an entire range of shave & skin related products. Head on to our shop section now: https://www.manarden.com/shop/

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