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Premium Shaving Brush With Extra Soft Bristles

699.00 449.00
  • By combining flexibility with durability, Man Arden Shaving Brush could last for years in your shaving kit.
  • The brush head is densely packed with super soft, highly durable and ultra absorbent bristles for the most refined shaving experience. The bristles made with high quality synthetic fibers glide gently on the skin and your skin never feels irritated and stays comfortable.
  • The incredibly high water absorption and retention capacity of the bristles maximize lather formation. Your beard area is covered with extra lather without increasing the amount of shaving cream or gel. It helps save consumption of shaving cream as well as water.
  • The resin handle is thoughtfully crafted to provide strong, easy and comfortable grip. The brush handle is highly durable and could last a lifetime.
  • This is a cruelty free product. The shaving brush is as good as badger shaving brush but given Man Arden’s commitment to protect animals and environment has replaced the natural hair with high quality synthetic fibers.

Beard & Face Wash, 100ml

349.00 249.00
  • Man Arden Beard & Face Wash is the ultimate cleanser for the bearded men. It removes impurities and excess oil without disturbing the normal oil and pH balance of your skin.
  • Natural moisturizing agents infused in the Beard & Face Wash leave the facial skin hydrated and the coarse facial hair soft. Extra virgin olive oil and aloe vera restore the moisture balance while vitamin B3 locks hydration into the skin.
  • It is rich in precious botanical extracts that help protect skin and hair from pathogens and environmental damage. The major plant-based ingredients in the Beard & Face Wash are amla (Indian gooseberry), bhringraj (false daisy), brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), neem (Indian lilac), witch hazel and rosemary.
  • The deep cleansing effect of the cleanser along with the antiseptic properties of the botanical extracts helps reduce skin breakouts and beard dandruff. It helps to enhance skin radiance and preserve the natural thickness of your beard.
  • Man Arden Beard & Face Wash is made with premium ingredients. It is free from toxic chemicals such as paraben and SLS. It is well-tolerated even by the sensitive skin.

Shaving Foam For Sensitive Skin – 200g

  • Man Arden Shaving Foam assures a comfortable shaving experience. It enables clean close shave, and leaves the beard area smooth and soft.
  • It forms rich creamy lather to soften the dry coarse beard hair. The lubricant in the shaving foam moisturizes the skin so that the razor smoothly glides on the skin.
  • Made with skin-friendly ingredients, Man Arden Shaving Foam is well-tolerated even by the razor burn and acne prone sensitive skin. It’s gentle, soothing and refreshing. Menthol provides a cooling sensation while you shave.
  • Aloe vera in the shaving foam hydrates and nourishes the skin. The anti-inflammatory property of aloe vera helps in relieving irritation. Tea tree oil works as a natural antiseptic.
  • Man Arden Shaving Foam is devoid of alcohol, sulphates and toxic chemicals. It is safe for all types of skin.
  • 0% Alcohol. Safe For Sensitive Skin

7X After Shave Balm Spearmint 100ml

  • Man Arden 7x After Shave Balm is Lightweight cream with a fluid texture, doesn’t leave traces of grease on the skin.
  • Its enriched Innovative and effective formula with Vitamin C, Menthol, Hyaluronic Acid, and various other natural oils, the balm regenerates the skin and improves its elasticity.
  • This aftershave balm is alcohol-free and Facilitates easy absorption.
  • Man Arden 7x After Shave Balm contain all natural components.