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This Is How You Can Banish Beard Dandruff, Itch, and Flaky Skin

“A True Love Is Like A Beard. It Never Ends, It Only Grows.”

It almost takes something between 3 to 6 months to grow a majestic beard that once you perhaps coveted in your dreams. Everything goes well until you realize the emergence of snowy flakes on the facial hair in the shape of dandruff. Seeing “beardruff” you begin to wonder what caused such a condition. Plus, a persistent scratching on the stubble has made you ponder about possible skin disease.

If you are someone who has been stuck in a hamster wheel that’s surrounded by beardruff, remember you aren’t alone. This state of the skin has almost become a dime a dozen situation, impacting more than 50 percent of the population. Plus, it is also imperative to mention here that it is neither a serious condition nor contagious.

Having said that, albeit, such a plight of the skin is not critical and won’t result in any acute repercussion, but don’t just call it a day and overlook its treatment. If you not paying heed to cure dandruff, it can lead to relentless itching, which might cause the epidermis under the stubble to become inflamed, resulting in partial hair loss. That’s why; you’ll frequently come across people having thin or patchy whiskers.

Luckily, beardruff is preventable and in most cases can be impeded altogether. Further, through this post, we’ll talk about what engenders dandruff and ways to curb it. Read along!

But first, what exactly is Beard Dandruff?

When the epidermis under the beard is deprived of sufficient moisture, it gets parched. As a result, the appearance of dead skin cells becomes prominent on facial hair.

What causes Dandruff?

Generally, there are two known contributors to beardruff: the one that we just spoke about (Withered skin) and the other because of fungal infections.

Dry skin usually happens when you use harsh cleansers or soaps that strip off the essential oils. Such shriveled epidermis may also occur due to extreme cold and extreme warm climates.

Less mundane, but still a major contributing factor: fungal infections. It transpires when yeast that lives on the skin is impoverished by UV rays. Sunlight restricts the growth of fungus, but when the facial hair averts the path of the Sun’s rays, the bacteria development swells engendering the skin to flake.

How to reduce Beard Dandruff?

For all those who find dandruff to be an embarrassing situation especially when visiting the public, here is a piece of wonderful news for them. Treating this beard issue challenge is no longer a mammoth task and just requires a few changes in your daily regimen. Let’s comprehend how you can readily overcome beardruff by following these pointers.

Wash your beard

While, this step seems a no-brainer, yet it is pivotal to wash your beard regularly. Exfoliation with a mild cleanser is the best approach that thwarts the production of dead skin cells. However, ensure not to avail shampoos and other cleansers that are meant for your tresses. The reason why we are insisting on this because they can be harsh on the stubble and can loot the moisture content! For your information: there are beard oils and balms up for grabs in the market, specifically designed for curing many facial hair woes. Check out!

Manarden Beard Face Wash

To fend off beardruff use manarden beard face wash; specially designed for thick and curlier beard hair and skin underneath with organic ingredients that don’t strip off the natural oil from the epidermis. The product is infused with plant-based extracts such as Aloe vera – a powerful natural compound with copious nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that abets in deeply nourishing the skin and bushy stubble mane. Plus, the Indian lilac alias Neem is also enriched in the face wash which is loaded with anti-bacterial properties. It helps to ward off the day-long accumulated microscopic debris and dust from the whiskers and safeguard the dermis from bacterial attack along with intensively moisturizing the below skin. Moreover, the optimal product has witch hazel in it- a natural astringent is known for reducing inflammation, lessening down the skin irritation, and controlling the excess oil production- all you have is refreshing, cool, and soothing cutis.

Additionally, the Indian Ayurveda adoring substance Bhringraj aka false daisy is formulated for healthy beard growth, averting hair loss, and staving off premature graying of hair- proffers soft, lustrous, and strengthen beard strands. Another potent element in the product is Amla – it is chock-full of hair nourishing additives and antioxidants that aid in lightening the dark tone as well as effectively promoting the healthy growth of whisker by strengthening the hair follicles. Furthermore, Amla also deeply moisturizes the complexion which succors in reducing sagginess, wrinkles, and fine lines.

Also, the grapefruit is packed with the goodness of vitamin C that profoundly cleanses the dermis, protects the tresses, and rejuvenate the dull stubble. For stellar results, the product has rosemary, which is laden with anti-inflammatory properties that address the white flake issue along with boosting shine into the facial hair. The multi-tasking face wash formula is made with pure and organic elements that produce gentle leather that thoroughly cleans the beard and face. This vegan and the cruelty-free product is unscented and doesn’t contain any parabens, sulfates, silicones, phthalates, mineral oils, and petroleum. Thus carrying a safety profile, even the most temperamental skin type can use the product without worrying about inflammation. So, inculcate this masculine touch product into your beard grooming kit for itch-free, flake-free, and fungus-free whisker.

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Condition your beard

As we already discussed before, dehydrated skin is the number 1 cause of beardruff. Thus it is paramount more than ever to keep the epidermis under the whiskers well-moisturized. Hence, you’ll mundanely see connoisseurs sensitizing people to conditioning their stubble in the regular routine. This way the necessary moisture is able to reach the skin beneath the facial hair.

Note: Per our aficionados, nourishing the beard is one of the most crucial steps that simply cannot be ditched. You may consider washing your stubble once a week, but the conditioning part should be done daily. In this fashion, you’ll be able to conspicuously experience healthy facial hair and skin.

Avoid high water temperatures

Needless to say: most of us find scalding showers to be quite enticing. But, the reality check of these high water temperatures may get you flabbergasted. It is also one of the other significant factors for causing dry epidermis. Therefore, to prevent things of such sorts always prefer to wash your beard with lukewarm water.

Dry your beard properly

If you are in a habit of leaving your stubble wet after the bath, it’s recommended to stop this activity right away. Why? Because the water’s ph level might wither the beard and may promote the growth of several fungal infections! Also, keep in mind to be never rough on the facial hair by drying them with a towel. Being aggressive can damage the follicle root, paving the path for breakage. And, you may encounter an erratic growth of your beard.

Another key point to be aware of is that when drying your stubble with a blow dryer, prefer keeping the lowest setting. This makes sure that you aren’t brutal on the facial hair.

Brush your beard

Brushing with the assistance of a comb or brush is highly recommended as these can act to be great exfoliator. Not only styling your beard makes you feel on top of the world, but a brush also promotes the blood flow to the epidermis below the beard. It also abets to remove dead skin cells.

Employ beard oils and balms

Beard oils and balms are renowned for their super capacity to furnish extra moisture to damp the skin beneath the stubble. In other words, these do not let happen the condition of beardruff to impact your facial hair.

For purchasing these products of the highest quality, you may connect with a popular brand Manarden. They have been highly praised by their already existing customers. To clear any of your skeptics, you may browse through the reviews given by the clienteles. Have a look at Manarden beard oils and balms.

Manarden 7x Beard Oil Spearmint

Coach your wiry hair with manarden 7x Beard Oil Spearmint; is formulated with the finest and highest-quality ingredients to tame the beard bristles and tackle itchiness. The luxe product star element is queens of all oils ‘Moroccan argan oil’ also known as liquid gold is loaded with antioxidants properties that protect the strands from environmental aggressors, helps in reducing dandruff, and deeply nourishes the stubble – the outcome is shiner, non-greasy, and itch-free beard mane and underneath the skin. Plus, the jojoba oil in the bottle is packed with deep moisturization properties which avert breakage and add strength to the beard strands. And, it is super-effective in treating white flakes.

Moreover, the optimal oil has vitamin E enrich castor oil which is a vital element in growing hair as well as nurturing the dry skin. And, it also has anti-inflammatory properties that abet in fending bacterial attacks, offering glossier, healthier, and stronger beard hair. Furthermore, the extra virgin olive oil and sweet almond oil are also part of this plush product – these robust elements are chock-full of skin-loving nutrients that deeply condition the stubble and helps in keeping the hair soft, respectively. Plus, they are ample hydration to skin and mane that aid in reducing white flakes and tingling.

Why men avoid beard oil- Because it can make them look greasy and weigh down the beard hair. However, this beard oil contains Grapeseed oil – an element brimming with moisturization properties that don’t add greasiness rather offers a nice sheen. And it also protects the skin from free radicals damage. And, the robust rosemary essential oil is used to stave off graying and premature hair. It also abets in soothing the itchy and dry dermis all thanks to its hydrating properties. The spearmint is the most man-defined scent that sillage for long. Perks: the product doesn’t contain any animal derivative – it is made with certified organic ingredients, vegan, and cruelty-free. The clinically tested product is free of harsh chemicals like parabens, sulfates, silicones, phthalates, artificial fragrances, and mineral oils. What’s more? Pour two-three drops of oil onto your palms and apply with fingers to cover your beard –all you have is a soft, supple, and healthy whisker!

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See a dermatologist

Even after diligently following the above pointers, you still sense the existence of white flakes, it’s advocated that you must see a dermatologist. There may be an underlying skin condition, which may be playing the role of deterrent in flawless facial hair.

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