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You have realized it or not, bar soaps are slowly gaining a strong momentum back to showers and washrooms throughout the globe. People around the world are favoring these cleansers over their other counterparts-liquid body wash. While it may be a personal choice and may vary from person to person, soap bars truly proffer an eclectic number of advantages. Let’s throw light on some of them. The hope is that after reading them you will see eye to eye with us that these so-called cleansers are indeed worth investment.

Cleans the skin effectively

We all know how imperative bathing is for healthy overall well-being. There’s none other better way of cleaning the skin than bathing soaps. These cleansers are renowned to possess emulsifying agents that play a handy role in eliminating dirt and oil from the epidermis.

Washing off corrosive acids

When we dash out of the households, our skin relentlessly gets in contact with loads of external aggressors in the form of pollution, dust, the Sun’s UV rays, and numerous other pollutants. The effects of these foreign substances that settle in the shape of acids are inimical on the epidermis and may take a toll on anyone. Thus it is a no-brainer to protect the skin; otherwise encountering several woes can become a dime a dozen scenario. Luckily, the power ability of soaps can assist in obstructing things of such sorts.

Smoother on skin

The beauty of availing a bar soap in the schedule is that they aren’t harsh on the epidermis. This essentially means such cleansers aren’t infamous for their notorious abilities to strip off water content from the skin. So, all those who are usually concerned about their delicate epidermis may start utilizing a bar soap to reap the oodles number of perks it bestows.

Lasts a long time

When compared to their counterpart’s shower gels, soaps have a tendency to last for a good duration. If you employ a liquid cleanser, there are more than ever the chances of more fluid coming out of the container. No such botheration can be thought of when wielding a bar soap. This is another way of doing savings and not straining your budget. Remember the idiom “a penny earned is penny saved”.

No hassle of spillage

If you plan to go for an outstation visit, carrying a bar soap is a way good option. The risk of the liquid content coming out when traveling is the downside of liquid gels. However, by saying this we aren’t any point discouraging you from the use of body wash. If you can carry them well, thumbs up.

Prevents acne and pimples

If you ditch washing your face regularly, the likelihood of the emergence of red, tender bumps with white pus significantly augments. This is because of the impurities that are developed causing an overproduction of oil and a build-up of bacteria.

Bar soaps are highly recognized to be blessed with some of the most splendid therapeutic properties. Conditions like acne, rashes, eczema, and many other woes can be readily treated with such cleansers.


Having gone through some of the compelling reasons, have you made up your mind to diligently follow a routine that entails the maneuver of bar soap? Well, if yes, we respect your ultimate decision to keep your skin in its prime state.

Additionally, when procuring body soap or any other product, be mindful of these mentioned tips!

1. Chemical or pesticide-free- When snapping up cosmetic products, it’s pivotal to go through with the ingredients. Research the labeling and keep on reading until you are 100 percent sure that no chemicals or pesticides are subsumed. The additives utilized are natural that ensures you and your family’s safety.

2. Non-cruel supplements- Another check to be done: the product should not incorporate any add-ons that are tested on animals. It should be cruelty-free and the integrals utilized are dermatologically tested that are safe for the human skin.

If you are scouting for a high-quality bar soap whose ingredients are not tested on animals, exempt from fertilizers, and are environmentally safe, your research for a cleanser that meets all such requirements gets over, when you get connected with the popular brand Manarden. Famous for wielding natural elements, our prime focus is to manufacture organic products. Plus, we never strain our consumer’s pockets by selling expensive things. Go through the inside deets of our widely selling body soap.

Activated Charcoal Handmade Luxury Soap

Wake your skin and soul with super aromatic handmade manarden activated charcoal handmade luxury soap; the plush soap is crafted with handpicked organic ingredients sourced from nature only such as activated charcoal – a potent compound that deeply cleans the skin by pulling out impurities, help in sloughing the dead skin, unclog the congested pores, and removing unwanted excess oil – leaving soft, smooth, and supple complexion. Additionally, activated charcoal is a natural exfoliator that abet in shrinking the large pores, get a visibly tighter tone. Moreover, the natural bar is also formulated with hydrating elements like Aloe vera – it is a power-packed natural plant loaded with antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties that succor in deeply moisturizing the parched complexion, soothing the inflamed tone, reducing itch cause of skin concerns like eczema. Plus, the aloe has skin-nourishing nutrients that rejuvenate the dull-colored complexion. Furthermore, the organic soap has a hefty dose of moisture all thanks to skin-loving oils like virgin coconut oil which posses’ antibacterial properties that safeguard the dermis from bacterial attack; it also forms a protective layer that seals the moisture into the layers so skin appears dewy and supple all day long. Also, the extra virgin olive oil in the luxe product is chock full of anti-aging, and antioxidant properties that prevent moisture loss from the skin and relieving dryness –all you have is a refreshed and renewed complexion. The star ingredient in the soap is golden elixir Wheatgerm oil – an organic remedy for treating skin conditions like eczema, offers super hydration that aids in curing dryness and effectively lightens the stubborn dark spots from the epidermis. What’s more? The versatile soap is an ideal pick for all skin types as it is free of all the harmful chemicals like parabens, sulfates, silicones, phthalates, and mineral oils which can cause skin inflammation. And, the product has no animal derivative, free of animal cruelty! Users rave that they have seen a drastic transformation in their parched tone after using this handmade soap. So, beautify your bathroom shelf with this aromatic soap and get a brighter, smoother, and shinier tone.

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