Anti-Acne Neem Face Wash ,100ml

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      Anti-Acne Neem Face Wash

      Let your skin breathe free with the goodness of premium natural ingredients infused in Man Arden Anti Acne Neem Face Wash. The formula contains gentle ingredients that are safe on your skin. It helps get rid of the dirt, oil and impurities from facial skin while leaving it well hydrated and moisturized. The formulation includes Neem, Olive & Aloe Vera, which are all soothing ingredients and benefit the skin in numerous ways.

      Turmeric Oil: It helps fade away acne scars while giving you blemish-free skin. It helps keep your skin nourished and moisturized.

      Olive Leaf Extract: It helps calm irritation, reduce redness and nourish your skin. It also helps cleanse the pores and is ideal for acne-prone skin.

      Neem Leaf Extract: It helps fight acne-causing bacteria and reduce acne scars while improving complexion.

      Aloe Vera Leaf Extract: It helps soothe dry and irritated skin, lighten acne scars and keep your skin well-hydrated.

      Power Of Neem & Turmeric

      The combination of ingredients can help fight acne-causing bacteria and reduce acne scars. Gently massaging your face with this Face Wash will help give you clean, soft and smooth skin. It does not contain any harmful chemicals and is safe for regular use. This face wash is free from parabens, silicones, mineral oils and SLS/SLES.


      1. Take the desired amount of Man Arden Anti Acne Neem Face Wash
      2. Gently apply this Face Wash on your moist face. Massage with your fingers to form lather.
      3. Now, rinse off thoroughly with water.


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      Customer Reviews

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      So good! Loved the packaging. I just love using this face wash.


      It soothes my skin very nicely. Feels so good after every wash. It has safe ingredients that are suitable for my skin. My skin feels refreshing and clear after using this neem face wash.


      This neem facewash has a distinctive neem scent, which I don't particularly like, but it performs like a champ. It is ideal for delicate skin that is prone to acne. Within a month, my skin started to clear up.


      I have been applying this foaming face wash for a long time as my friend recommended. I had black and whiteheads on my face, which is why I started using this face wash. I will surely recommend it to people who want to improve their skin health


      This foaming face wash has skin properties that will help you get rid of acne, pimples and other skin infection and reduce discomfort. My skin problems have reduced with this product and I will highly recommend it.