Energetic Shampoo – Body Wash 250ml + Coffee Face Wash 100ml

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      Energetic Shampoo – Body Wash + Coffee Face Wash

      Get that morning wakeup boost with these two amazing skincare and body care essentials! I am Energetic shampoo can be used for hair, beard and body everyday to have a relaxing and nourishing bathing experience. Coffee face wash can deeply cleanse the face while reducing the oil production and refreshing the skin! No parabens, mineral oils, sulphates inside!

      I am Energetic Shampoo + Body Wash

      This two-in-one cleansing product is the perfect choice for busy men. By providing the dual benefits of shampoo and shower gel, it keeps you thoroughly clean and refreshed from the head to the toe. Its rich creamy lather removes all traces of dirt, grease, and product residues and keeps your skin and hair soft and smooth.

      Caffeine Series Coffee Face Wash

      Packed with real coffee bean extract, this face wash washes away the impurities and refreshes and hydrates the facial skin. Natural oils in the face wash restore the natural oil mantle of the skin and the botanical ingredients increase the radiance of the skin.