Daily Multi-Action Skin Illuminating Strawberry + Lactic Acid Face Wash, 100 ml

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      Does your face wash leave your skin feeling dried and stretchy? Deep cleansing of skin may result in stealing away the optimum moisture level from your skin. But, this is not what you need. That’s why Man Arden Illuminating Face Wash is formulated with the Power-duo of Strawberry and lactic Acid to moisturise and retain the best look of your skin. The effect of environmental pollutants and stress on your skin in everyday life make it essential to have your shield of defence ready to counter them. Skin is prone to getting dark spots and pigmentation and loses its sheen in the constant struggle with the negative factors. Man Arden Illuminating Face Wash is formulated to deep cleanse your skin, hydrate it thoroughly, counter pigmentation and add glow to your skin from within. Its natural extracts and phytonutrient-rich formula ensures complete nourishment and revitalising for your skin to make it look healthier, younger and give you the alpha man look. It has the power of Strawberry fruit extract and lactic acid which balances skin pH. This is fortified by extracts of beetroot, mulberry leaf, cucumber fruit and more.

      Deeply Cleanses and Glows the Skin

      Strawberry Extract: Eliminates dead cells, evens skin tone counters pigmentation, also counters wrinkles.

      Lactic Acid: Balances the skin pH and keeps it healthy and hydrated.

      Beetroot Extract: It is believed to help lower acne and pimples, lower skin pigmentation and tanning and also has anti-ageing properties.

      Mulberry Leaf Extract: Its phytonutrients help create a glowing complexion, lower pigmentation and tanning and also slows the appearance of wrinkles.

      Cucumber fruit extract: It helps in skin hydration, and helps counter premature ageing.

      Power Duo of Strawberry & Lactic Acid

      Offers Deep Skin Cleansing

      This face wash is enriched with the power of two hydrating super ingredients- Strawberry + Lactic Acid. These natural skin illuminating ingredients help draw out impurities on the skin.

      Gives An Illuminating Effect

      Along with the power duo of Strawberry + Lactic Acid, there are ingredients like beetroot, Vitamin E & Mulberry Leaf Extract that cleanse the skin & helps give it a gleaming effect.

      Gives A Skin Soothing Effect

      With the goodness of cucumber extract, this Face Wash will surely give you a refreshing boost after each use.

      Works Best With

      Healthy diet

      Having a well balanced diet everyday will eventually lead to healthy skin! Encompassing  fruits & salads will help boost skin regeneration.


      Working out magnifies blood circulation and oxygen delivery to your skin, that further helps ameliorate skin health & texture.

      7-8 Hours of Sleep

      An ideal amount of sleep, 7-8 hours a day will help you keep your skin refreshed & young.

      Skin Care Regime

      Cleansing, toning & moisturizing, the CTM method is the basic skincare routine that one should follow in order to maintain proper skin health.

      What It Won’t Do

      Instant Effects

      You can expect to see visible results on your skin only after consistent use of this face wash for a minimum of 3-4 months.

      Completely Change Skin Texture

      While this face wash cleanses gently it won’t give you instant effects.

      How To Use

      Step 1

      Squeeze out a little of Man Arden Illuminating Face Wash on your palm.

      Step 2

      On your face and neck, apply the face wash using your hands and fingers in a circular motion.

      Step 3

      Rinse it off with lukewarm water and then pat dry.


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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 26 reviews

      I enjoy using this face wash, and I do so frequently. I can tell that this face cleanser has changed the texture and tonality of my skin. By removing the dead skin cells, this wash improved the texture of my skin.


      I was recommended by my friend to use this face wash. It works different than other types of face wash available on the market. It gave me a smooth glowing texture and there were no chemicals present in it.


      If you want an instant glow on your face then try this natural face wash that improves your skin complexion and gives a radiant glow. It is fit for regular use as it is free from harmful parabens and chemicals


      This product has provided me with great effects on my face skin. It has restored my lost glow after using a product that didn’t suit my skin. But after applying it, my skin is rejuvenating in its natural beauty.


      I have tried many face illuminating washes in the past, but none of them left my face as clean and glowing as this illuminating one. I use it every morning and night, and my skin has never looked better. Good one!