7X Beard Oil 30ml (Irish Coffee)

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      7X Beard Oil 30ml (Irish Coffee)

      Nourish your beard bristles and make them soft with Man Arden 7X Beard Oil (Irish Coffee). The ideal blend of 7 Oils take the best possible care of your facial hair and leaves them just like the way you want. The rich concentration of the essential Vitamins & Minerals in the Oil keeps the skin underneath your beard soft and moisturized. The fast-absorbing, non-sticky Oil penetrates deep into your follicles to strengthen the strands and keep them strong, without leaving any greasy residue. It offers intense hydration to keep your mane itch and dandruff free. The Oil will provide healthy hair growth and prevent damage and breakage.

      Castor Oil: It helps nourish your facial hair and reduce beard itch & dandruff while supporting beard growth.

      Sweet Almond Oil: It helps condition your facial hair and reduce beard dandruff.

      Rosemary Oil: This oil helps keep your facial hair soft and speed up beard growth.

      Extra Virgin Olive Oil: It’s a nutrient-rich oil that helps keep your beard hydrated and healthy while reducing beardruff.

      Grapeseed Oil: It may help protect the facial hair against damage and support optimal beard growth.

      Golden Jojoba Oil: It helps nourish beard bristles. It keeps them soft and shiny.

      7x Beard Nourishment

      The perfect mingling of 100% natural 7 premium oils in this grooming expert makes it safe to use for the beard. Style your beard hair with 7X Beard Oil to everyday or special occasions in the most impressive way. Step out of your home with confidence and flaunt your beard like a true gentleman with this 7X Beard Oil.


      1. Pour: Pour a few drops of Man Arden 7X Beard Oil (Irish Coffee) on your one palm and rub them between the palms.
      2. Massage: Gently massage your beard with Man Arden 7X Beard Oil (Irish Coffee) for a few minutes. If you want to distribute the oil evenly, you can comb your beard.
      3. For Best Results: Applying this beard oil to a slightly damp beard can give you optimum results.


      Q1. How much oil should I apply to keep my beard conditioned & soft?
      Q2. How often should I apply the oil in a day?
      Q3. Do you use synthetic fragrances?
      Q4. I don’t have a big beard. Can I use this oil to grow my beard?
      Q5. What is the best time to use this beard oil?
      Q6. Does it contain any harmful chemicals?
      Q7. Is it safe to use this beard oil daily?
      Q8. Will this oil reduce beard itch and dandruff?
      Q9. Will this oil make my beard greasy?
      Q10. When can I expect results?
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      Customer Reviews

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      Not only does this oil hydrate my beard, but it also helps prevent split ends. It's lightweight and doesn't leave a greasy feel.


      I can feel my beard hair so soft and properly norished with this amazing pure beard oil. This beard oil does not contain parabens, silicones or sulfates.


      I've tried many beard oils, but this one stands out. The pure combination of natural oils makes a noticeable difference in my beard's texture and shine.


      Because of the frequently seen oily result, I detested beard oils. However, this oil doesn't accomplish that. Thanks to this simple-to-use recipe, my beard now has the feel I've always desired. Thank goodness it doesn't aggravate my skin.


      Fragrance isn't exactly like Irish coffee as it smells like a known brand of ear drops to me.