Oud Aaftaab Luxury Body Wash, 250ml

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      Oud Aaftaab Luxury Body Wash

      Man Arden Oud Aaftaab Luxury Body Wash brings you the glow and the warmth of the shining sun. It is made especially curated for ones who are beautiful inside out. This body wash gives you the rich man feel and it lets you bask in luxury and glory. Man Arden Oud Aaftaab Luxury Body Wash is a luxury body wash with Vitamin E and Shea Butter which are moisture retaining components that line your skin. This body wash gently and deeply cleanses your skin while hydrating, moisturizing and nourishing it. This luxury body wash doesn’t have parabens, silicones, SLS, or mineral oils. Above all, it is cruelty-free and vegan.

      Shea Butter: This has several types of fatty acids which creates a better skin barrier for protecting the skin from pollutants and dryness.

      Vitamin E: It helps you nourish and protect your skin in the best way possible.

      Natural Coconut-oil Derivatives: Natural coconut oil Derivatives will help moisturise your skin properly. So, they help to moisturize your skin. They are humectants that retain moisture as they prevent water loss from the skin’s outer layer.

      Experience The Luxury In Each Drop

      This perfect mixture has the best quality natural oils which give you a deep cleansing of your skin. Moreover, the body wash also provides you with a refreshing feel. Go for special occasions in a highly impressive way. As you get out of your home, it gives you a fresh feeling and gives you the feeling of a true gentleman with the Man Arden Oud Aaftaab Luxury Body Wash.


      1. Step 1: Take some of Man Arden Oud Aaftaab Luxury Body Wash on your palm or a loofah.
      2. Step 2: Spread using it across your pre-hydrated skin. Make a rich lather.
      3. Step 3: Rinse with clean fresh water for best results.


      Q1. How much of Man Arden Oud Aaftaab Luxury Body Wash to apply to your body to keep your skin soft and moist?
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 21 reviews

      Highly recommend this body wash! It’s effective yet gentle, and the fragrance is just right. My skin has never felt better.

      Just perfection

      Just perfection. The oudh scent and effective cleansing make it a household favorite. Great for sharing with my significant other!


      Appreciate the invigorating feel after each use. The formula strikes a good balance between cleansing and moisturizing.


      Perfect for an active lifestyle, this body wash has the rare oudh scent and thorough cleansing power, leaving me feeling revived and ready for the day ahead.


      This body just uplifts my mood for the day. It is very nice to take shower with this. Oud flavor is very good. This is a paraben-free product with only vegan ingredients. So I prefer this!