#6 Deodorant, No Gas Deo for Men, 120ml

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      Luxe Scents

      For The Earnest Gentleman

      Man Arden #6 Deodorant is a luxurious choice for all earnest gentlemen out there. Get that stylish appeal with added charms by the unique and lavish Oriental, Resinous, Rose, and Oud odour profiles. Get ready with the spray when going out to bring along with you the Bulgarian Rose top notes, and Agarwood and Cinnamon middle notes. Enchanting the underside lies the Ginger and Patchouli bottom notes for a pungent distinctive odour. This one is for an all-time daily or occasional use - have a good smell to remain fresh during and after workouts if you are a fitness freak; cherish an attractive aroma if you are a party-lover; have a decent woody odour if you are a professional guy. Bring to you the luxurious fragrance excellence along with a safe space. The cruelty-free specificity of our brand assures a safe prolonged everyday use.

      Timeless Charm of

      5 Ultra Luxury Notes

      Top Notes

      Enjoy the unique and elegant essence of opulent Bulgarian Rose Fragrance that is surely hard to forget. This rich scent layer of this deodorant adds a touch of uniqueness in each spray.

      Middle Notes

      The middle note of this men’s deodorant includes the fragrance of Agarwood and Cinnamon. This layer is the core heart of this deodorant, making it an exquisite body spray for all earnest gentlemen.

      Bottom Notes

      The last but not the least scent layer of this deodorant includes the fragrances of ginger and patchouli.

      Why Choose Our Perfume Body Spray?

      Unlock a realm of unparalleled indulgence with Man Arden Perfume Body Sprays, transcending expectations with our no-gas deodorants. Imbibe the essence of lasting luxury as our scents persistently weave an aromatic story that accompanies you throughout the day. Each fragrance is a carefully orchestrated blend of ultra-luxury notes that last upto 1000 sprays, creating an immersive experience that mirrors sophistication.


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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 11 reviews

      Give a chance to this amazing deodorant that has essence of ginger, rose and cinnamon in it. Smells very luxurious for sure. Very modern deo!


      Very good deodorant for men. It does not have any gas. It has the fragrance of ginger, rose and cinnamon. I loved it.


      This deodorant is worth my money. Came in great packaging. Quality is very fine. I would love to recommend this to all.


      The best deodorant I have bought so far. It has very good fragrance. It is long lasting. Highly Recommended.


      Really liked this one! Elegant enough to suit any gentlemen. Plus, it has no gas. It is really very tempting choice.