Natural Kacchi Neem Wood Hair Comb

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      Natural Kacchi Neem Wood Hair Comb

      Your hair deserves to be both – GORGEOUS and HEALTHY. One of the secrets to flawless-looking hair is regular hair care. Combing them with care is, undoubtedly, the essential part of hair care. Man Arden Kacchi Neem Wood Comb is a perfect grooming tool, enabling you to style your gorgeous hair in the most nourishing way. This uniquely designed styling tool will smoothly and effortlessly detangle each hair strand, giving you an exquisite hairstyle for the day. The fine-tooth Neem Wood Comb is precisely crafted with young (Kacchi) Neem Wood for a transfer of maximum nutrients to the scalp while combing your hair deeply. It is suitable for all hair types and for men of all ages. Regular use of this styling tool can help prevent unwanted hair breakage and reduce hair fall.

      Straight From Nature!

      1. Your ultimate hair care product that’ll help you take the best care of your mane the best way.
      2. Perfectly spaced teeth slide smoothly runs through your hair while detangling your hair resulting in preventing unwanted hair breakage.
      3. Expertly crafted from high quality and natural Kacchi Neem Wood, this grooming tool offers high levels of nourishment and hair care.

      This 100% natural White Neem Wood Comb features perfectly-spaced teeth that are durable enough to slide through rough, frizzy, and thick hair. Ideal for the application of hair oil, serums, and wax, the Kacchi Neem Comb is easy to handle and travel friendly.


      1. Hair Care Begin with following the right hair care routine – apply serum or oil. Spread it evenly over your hair gently.
      2. Comb Gently slide the comb through your hair – just the way you want to style them, removing all knots and tangles.
      3. Style Apply styling gel, cream or spray. Comb your hair to get desired hairstyle – Side Part, Slicked-Back or Messy Behead.
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      This neem wood comb for men is a grooming essential. Its sturdy design glides smoothly through my hair, and the natural properties of neem contribute to a healthier scalp. A simple yet effective addition to my daily routine.


      This is seriously amazing neem wood comb that styles the hair perfectly. Very durable and soft on the hair. Also a environmental friendly option!


      I am using this hair comb from months now and it is so durable. It is made from natural neem wood. Does not hair the hair!


      All men who wish to keep their beards in good condition and tame them wherever and whenever they want are strongly encouraged to use this wooden comb. It features a firm grip, making it difficult to drop from your hands.


      This wooden comb is highly recommended to all men who want to keep their beard in good condition and tame them wherever and whenever they want. As it has a strong grip it doesn’t fall from your hands easily