Neem Wooden U Shaped Beard Comb with Reliable Leather Pouch

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      Pure Neem Wooden U Shaped Beard Comb

      Tackling with beard grooming ends up hassles if that comb you use is not right! We figured out your problems and came up with the new U-shaped wooden beard comb for comfortably combing those longer beards. We’ve made the U-shape for cozy comfort when handling it for a long time beard styling. You remain safe too – its pure neem wooden make-up lets a soothing comb experience!


      Made with premium quality pure neem wood
      Easy and comfortable handling
      Travel-friendly pouch
      Soothing and fine combing experience

      Comes with Faux Leather Pouch

      At home, office, camp, or hotel, brush up the beard by carrying the comb in the enclosed premium quality faux leather pouch. Catch up this neem wood U-shaped comb and flair with charming classic and modern beard styles.


      1. Preparation Apply about 4 to 5 drops of your beard oil and distribute it all over the dry rough long hair.
      2. Comb Slowly comb the hair to remove any tangles or locks in your lengthy and thick beard. Run it down through the cheeks with very light pressure.
      3. Style Then, style the beard by moving the comb in your desired direction covering all the portions.
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      Customer Reviews

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      I use this beard comb daily. It is very nice. Quality is actually good. I will continue using this beard comb and recommend this to my friends.


      My hair is naturally curly, which makes it tougher to comb because the comb gets stuck and I have to fight to get it out. However, these combs smoothly combs my hair, so I love using them.


      If you have a long beard, you must comb and tame it. I would suggest this comb for all men as it is pocket friendly and you can carry them while you are travelling, hiking or camping


      My hair is curly in its natural shape; hence it makes it a hundred times harder to comb it because the comb gets stuck and I had to struggle to make it out of it, but this comb smoothly combs my hair and hence I love to use it.


      The shape of this comb is incredibly sensational feeling like something out of the box and appealing to the eyes. I purchased this just a day before and it has a great grip and I like it.