Pocket Size Beard Brush with Hand Crafted Wood Handle with Long Lasting Leather Pouch

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      Pocket Size Beard Brush

      Man Arden Beard Brush is pocket-sized and manufactured through layers of stringent quality control measures. The bristles detangle and tame your beard hair with effortless efficiency. It promotes natural hair conditioning and growth by spreading the natural hair sebum evenly. Its bristles penetrate deep to provide an even brush stroke that trains and directs your beard hair to provide you with a well-groomed stylish look with convenient ease and warmth. Its premium wooden handle is handcrafted with ingeniousness to provide you with a comfortable grip.


      Durable & Deep-Rooted Bristles
      Stringent Quality Control
      Elegant styling
      Pocket-Friendly Dimensions

      Hand Crafted Premium Wooden Handle & Leather Pouch

      Its dimensions promote maximum reach to ensure that the beard area receives complete coverage. Its premium faux leather pouch is your convenient travel companion. The exquisitely handcrafted handle is a pocket-friendly travel partner.


      1. Step 1: Work your way from the tip to the top to train and direct entangled strands. Massage evenly to ensure the maximum spread of hair sebum
      2. Step 2: Exfoliate dead cells and dirt through continuous brushing.
      3. Step 3: Shape and style to acquire a well-groomed, elegant demeanor
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      Customer Reviews

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      This beard brush is small enough to fit in my pocket to carry it wherever I go. When I needed to go on a camping vacation, I purchased it, and it made things easier for me, especially about maintaining my beard.


      I was looking for a beard brush which fits easily into the pocket and lets me comb my hair wherever I want. So I bought this product which prevents messing my hair and is so satisfied with it.


      This beard brush comes with a leather pouch. It helps you shape your beard and keep it in proper shape. It prevents making your beard hair messy. The best thing is that it is portable and easy to carry.


      After losing my hair constantly because of the use of a brush with hard bristles which gets stuck in my curly hair, I have now found the solution after just applying this brush once because it wouldn’t get stuck in my hair and flow right through it.


      This beard brush looks kind of big, but when I received the brush, it can be kept even in my pant pockets. I don't generally use combs but use only this beard brush. The brush is affordable and also handy!