Elegant Black Premium Shaving Brush

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      Shaving Brush With Ultra Soft & Absorbent Bristles

      The densely packed head of Man Arden premium shaving brush is fitted with numerous bristles produced from high-quality synthetic fibers. The premium quality bristles produce an oleaginous lather that lubricates and safeguards the skin. Its ultra-dense, soft, and super-absorbent bristles soak up water sparingly and consume shaving cream economically.

      Charcoal Shampoo:

      Benefits:Less shaving cream use
      Bristles regain their original shape after shaving.
      Helps brighten the complexion.
      Has super soft bristles

      Ultra Soft & Absorbent Bristles

      Its exquisitely crafted resin handle provides a steady and firm grip with its sturdiness. The large diameter of the knot base and high loft converts your shaving experience into a luxurious delight


      1. Saturate the bristles of the Man Arden Premium Shaving Brush with water.
      2. On the middle of the brush head, put an appropriate amount of shaving cream.
      3. Work up a lather. Shave. Use Man Arden Shaving Foam for shaving to get optimum results.
      Q1. Do bristles require thorough rinsing before use?
      Q2. Is it a must to use a shaving brush?
      Q3. What signs do we look out for replacing the brush?
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      Q5. Are the bristles hygienic?
      Q6. Does the brush last long?
      Q7. Does the brush provide a solid grip?
      Q8. Is it ideal for all skin types and ages?
      Q9. Does it generate a luxurious lather?
      Q10. When can I expect results?
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      Customer Reviews

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      The bristles on this shaving brush are too soft for the skin, despite its high-quality construction. The hair on the bristles doesn't fall off and has an exceptional grip. It generates enough lather for an ideal beard-shaving experience.


      This shaving brush has provided me with the best service for a long time. It has a sturdy handle provides a firm grip and keeps the brush from slipping. Additionally, it is easy to use and rather affordable.

      Bhimji Akbari

      Excellent product.


      This supreme shaving brush's resin handle is durable and gives a strong, solid grip. Get an enriching and smooth shaving experience with this wonderful product that lasts a long time.

      Likhit P

      This shaving brush is fitted with numerous bristles which feel like they are made from high-quality synthetic fibers. There is no debate on how soft its brushes are and how they perfectly get on the face's surface while using it