Royal White Premium Shaving Brush

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    • Royal White Premium Shaving Brush
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      White Premium Shaving Brush

      Man Arden premium shaving brush’s head is densely packed with premium quality bristles made from high-quality synthetic fibers that produce an unctuous lather that protects and lubricates the skin. Its super-absorbent bristles sponge up more water and consume a lesser amount of shaving cream.

      Less shaving cream use
      Bristles regain their original shape after shaving.
      Helps brighten the complexion.
      Has super soft bristles

      Ultra Soft & Absorbent Bristles

      Its sturdy exquisitely crafted resin handle provides a steady and firm grip. The adequate diameter of the knot base and height of the loft catapults your shaving experience to luxurious levels.


      1. Saturate the bristles of the Man Arden Premium Shaving Brush with water.
      2. On the middle of the brush head, put an appropriate amount of shaving cream.
      3. Work up a lather. Shave. Use Man Arden Shaving Foam for shaving to get optimum results.
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      Q10. How do we maintain the brush?
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      Customer Reviews

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      I became aware of how much shaving cream I was preserving after using this brush. Anything that helps me save money in the current economic climate is greatly appreciated. It is also comfortable and useful.


      The bristles used in this beard shaving brush are of the highest caliber. They are gentle on the skin, use less shaving cream, and spread the beard hair evenly. It delivers a fantastic shaving experience and has a good grip.


      This beard shaving brush is made up of premium quality bristles that are soft to the skin, require less shaving cream, and spread evenly over the beard hair. It has a good grip and offers a good shaving experience. 


      Get over your boring less effective shaving brush and switch to this product with skin protection features. The bristles are so soft that it feels great when touched to your face or neck.


      I have been using this shaving brush for a long time and it has given me wonderful shaving experience. The soft bristles enhance the experience and don’t cause razor burns, redness and itchiness.