#1 Deodorant, No Gas Deo for Men, 120ml

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      Unleash Freshness

      Without the Fuss!

      Unleash confidence, stay fresh with Man Arden #1 Deodorant - a no-gas formulation which has a blend of fresh and luxurious fragrances like Citrus, floral, and Ozonic. We keep these fragrances to be very authentic because real freshness speaks louder than words. Our Man Arden #1 Deodorant gives you a daily dose of confidence with which you can leave an impression that lingers. Turn your busy day with aromatic refresh and engaged confidence by the scented feel of the top-notch fragrances. These fragrances are not only unique but also long-lasting because you deserve a scent as commanding as you! Awaken your senses with invigorating Ultra Luxury Top Notes featuring the zesty embrace of Bergamot Lime, the sophistication of Rosemary, and allure of Mandarin and Pineapple. Delve into the heart of fragrance with the captivating Lavish Middle Notes, where you will discover the fragrances like Blackcurrant, Orange Blossom, and Lavender. The Bottom Notes of Patchouli, Musk, Oakmoss, and Amber. The fusion of 11 luxury notes in Man Arden Deodorant adds depth and character, ensuring this no-gas perfume body spray stands out as a beacon of timeless elegance.

      The Fusion of 11

      Ultra Luxury Notes

      Top Notes

      Indulge in the mystique of this refreshing masterpiece, where top notes include Mandarin, Bergamot Lime, Pineapple and rosemary - all together, giving you a citrus and floral hint the moment you spray it.

      Middle Notes

      Middle Notes unfolds a symphony of amazing fragrances like Blackcurrent, Orange Blossom, and Lavender. You will surely get a punch of blossomy vibe after each spray.

      Bottom Notes

      Man Arden Deodorant has sophisticated and dense bottom notes, including Patchouli, Musk, Oakmoss, and Amber.

      Why Choose Our Perfume Body Spray?

      Indulge in the unparalleled sophistication of Man Arden Perfume Body Sprays, crafted with a revolutionary no-gas spray formula that is safe on skin. Experience a fragrance journey that transcends time with exceptionally long-lasting scents, designed to offer upto 1000 sprays. Immerse yourself in the opulence of ultra-luxury notes, meticulously blended to create an aromatic masterpiece. Elevate your daily ritual!


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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 13 reviews
      Very Good

      Very bold and long-lasting deo for men. It has zero gas formulation. This body spray is so perfect for my taste.


      This is a perfect deodorant for any men looking for a long-lasting yet lavish body spray for everywear. I surely do receive a lot of compliments when go out in public after applying this deo.

      Very Good

      Finally found a better deodorant for myself. Thanks to Man Arden! Their quality and fragrance is really good. One this is so perfect for me.

      Very elegant

      Very elegant fragrance! This is no gas that is why I ordered it. It is actually very good. Came in good packaging.


      Lasting enough to last for a day. It's very amazing. The blend of citrus, floral and ozonic feels great. I would recommend this to all.