I Am Cheerful Shampoo + Body Wash

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      I Am Cheerful Shampoo

      Man Arden – I am Cheerful Shampoo + Body Wash is designed to make your bathing a happy experience. It is formulated with the goodness of nutrient-rich oils that helps cleanse and hydrate the hair, beard and body while maintaining your healthy complexion. The blend of organic plant oils can help offer external nourishment to your skin and hair and strengthen the skin’s protective moisture barrier. The moisturizing ingredient mix present in this product will not dry out your skin and hair. It contains vitamin E that helps protect the skin from dirt and other impurities. Several cold-pressed oils are infused in it to help offer superior skin hydration and nourishment.

      Sweet Almond Oil: It helps moisturise dry skin while improving complexion and skin tone.

      Shea Butter: It helps condition, soften and tone your skin. It’s moisturising property can help soothe the scalp, reduce frizz and add, shine to hair strands.

      Moroccan Argan Oil: It helps prevent dryness of skin and hair while boosting shine.

      Coconut Oil: It contains fatty acids and antioxidants that help protect hair and skin from environmental damage. It helps soothe dry scalp and maintain the moisture balance of the skin.

      Avocado Oil: It’s nutrient-rich oil that may help nourish and support healthy scalp and hair strands. It’s a great moisturiser that helps keep skin hydrated and nourished.


      The oil mix will help soothe dry scalp and smoothen frizzy hair while keeping the hair strands and skin well moisturized. Just as the other product of Man Arden, this shampoo cum body wash is also 100% free from toxic chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, phthalates and mineral oils. Hence, this product is well suitable for all skin and hair types.


      1. Wet your skin and hair with clean water thoroughly
      2. Take a generous amount of the Man Arden – I am Cheerful Shampoo + Body Wash and apply it over your wet hair & body.
      3. Rinse off well with water, later.


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      Very Good

      Skeptical at first, but pleasantly surprised. This amazing product manages to provide a satisfying cleanse for both hair and body, making my routine simpler.


      This shampoo and body wash cheers up my mood by giving me a soothing bathing experience. It does not contain any harsh chemicals and no parabens or SLS. This is a vegan product.


      I take a fresh bath to lift my spirits when I'm down. It also made my skin smooth, which was advantageous. It has been enjoyable to wash with this stuff. It provided two benefits with just one bath, similar to a two-in-one product. I'm feeling happy.


      This one covers my whole body. I don’t have to use different products all the time. With this, my hair and my skin are all taken care of. I like everything about this product and happy to have made the purchase.


      Everyone must try this unique yet amazing product which is good for your skin and hair. It provides sufficient nourishment to both your hair and skin. My hair volume has increased with this product and my skin feels fresh and plumpy.