Oud Royal Luxury Body Wash, 250ml

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      Oud Royal Luxury Body Wash

      Man Arden Oud Royal Luxury Body Wash is a kind of body wash inspired by the wisdom of ancient royals. Its formula brings out prestige, power, and sensuality. This is a great way to enter any palace exuding your command and exuberance. It comprises top note suede and a remarkable blend of the best fragrances. Man Arden Oud Royal Luxury Body wash gives you victory with utter perfection that offers you perfection and royalty. Man Arden Oud Royal Luxury Body wash charms with its pleasant aroma to give you a splendid experience every time you shower. Its perfect combination of top-notch natural ingredients and natural fragrances help to relax you. They make your skin feel smooth, soft and refreshingly clean. This royal and fragrant body wash is free of parabens, silicones, sulphates and other harsh chemicals.

      Shea Butter: This is a top-class natural moisturising ingredient that improves skin hydration. It soothes the skin and also is believed to keep it away from signs of ageing.

      Vitamin E: The vital nutrient which revitalises and nourishes your skin and makes it healthier and stronger.

      Natural Coconut Oil Derivatives: Various components derived from coconut oil are endowed with moisturising and skin-protecting properties.

      For Royal Shower Experience

      Man Arden Oud Royal Luxury Body wash has a perfect mix of top-class natural ingredients to revitalise and moisturise your skin. Not only this, but it also gives a lingering sensual, royal and refreshing feel. A perfect experience you deserve every time you bathe.


      1. Step 1: Pour out a palmful of Man Arden Oud Royal Luxury Bodywash on a loofah or a wet cloth.
      2. Step 2: Spread it on your body and make a rich lather.
      3. Step 3: Wash and rinse using cold water for best results.


      Q1. How much of the Man Arden Oud Royal Luxury Body wash do I need to use every time I shower?
      Q2. How frequently should I use it during the day?
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      Q4. I have dry and oily (mixed) skin. Can use this body wash to make my skin healthier?
      Q5. What is the best way to use Man Arden Oud Royal Luxury Body wash?
      Q6. Does Man Arden Oud Royal Luxury Bodywash have any harmful chemicals?
      Q7. Is it safe to use this body wash daily?
      Q8. In what other ways does this body wash help me?
      Q9. Will this Man Arden Oud Royal Luxury Bodywash help relieve skin dryness?
      Q10. When can I expect the results?
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      Customer Reviews

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      Very Good

      Refreshing and energizing, this body wash has a invigorating scent that lasts throughout the day, leaving my skin feeling clean and revitalized. The fragrance of oud just so good!


      Unforgettable freshness and very dense flavor of oud remains in my body for the entire day. Packaging and its quality seems very luxurious. The best part it has no parabens inside.

      Very Good

      This is very good body wash because it has shea butter, vitamin E and no parabens or silicones. The packaging of this one is really good. Loved the fragrance of oud.


      Finally found a lavish body wash that matches my discerning taste. The subtle yet captivating fragrance lingers all day, leaving me feeling confident and refreshed.


      This is the body wash that was the most soothing for the skin of my body and I still liked the whole soothing experience of this body wash. I did find that this product is made with great material.