Oud Floral Luxury Body Wash, 250ml

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      Oud Floral Luxury Body Wash

      Man Arden Oud Floral Luxury Body Wash provides you with a highly refreshing & detoxifying bath every morning. It’s just as if you are walking through the flowers and you enjoy the irresistible and beautiful vibes of flowers in full bloom. Man Arden Oud Floral Luxury Body wash brings you the perfect whiff of sensuality into your day. This body wash is a pure charm coupled with exclusive fragrances only man Arden can offer you. This body wash is a unique, robust and highly refreshing and detoxifying body cleansing formula having the richness of shea butter and Vitamin E. It is moisturising and nourishing to give you a completely sensual feeling that wipes off the dead skin. It takes care of your skin in various ways.

      Shea Butter: Shea butter comprises several fatty acids which form a great skin barrier that protects the skin.

      Vitamin E: Vitamin E nourishes and protects the skin from damage.

      Natural Coconut-Oil Derivatives: Natural coconut oil derivatives also help in moisturising your skin appropriately. They moisturise your skin in the most appropriate way to help retain skin moisture while preventing water loss from the skin’s outer layer.

      Soak Yourself Into The Inevitable Luxury

      So, we get the right mixture of ingredients for a perfectly refreshing feel. If you want to feel like a true gentleman and step out of your home with great confidence this is what you need-your bottle of Man Arden Oud Floral Luxury Body Wash. There are no parabens, SLS/SLES, mineral oils or silicones in this luxury body wash.


      1. Step 1: Take some of Man Arden Oud Floral Luxury Body Wash on your palm or a loofah.
      2. Step 2: Spread using it across your pre-hydrated skin.
      3. Step 3: Make a rich lather. Rinse with clean fresh water for best results.


      Q1. How much of the Man Arden Oud Floral Luxury Body Wash that you need to apply to your body to get healthy and clean skin?
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      Q6. Does it have any harmful chemicals?
      Q7. Can I use Man Arden Oudh Floral Luxury Body Wash daily safely?
      Q8. In what other ways is this body wash helpful?
      Q9. Will this body wash make my skin dry?
      Q10. When can I start seeing the results?
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      Customer Reviews

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      My favorite body wash by far. It has a lovely fragrance that isn't overpowering, and it makes my skin feel smooth and rejuvenated.


      Luxurious lather! A little goes a long way with this body wash. It foams up nicely and rinses off cleanly, leaving my skin feeling soft and hydrated.

      Very Good

      Indulgent treat. While it's a bit pricier, the quality of this luxurious body wash is worth every penny for the indulgent experience it provides


      Keep dryness at bay with this moisturizing men's body wash! The hydrating formula nourishes my skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and perfectly moisturized. Say hello to healthy, hydrated skin with every wash.


      Love the mystical aroma of oudh in this invigorating body wash. Formulated with gentle cleansing agents, it refreshes the skin while enveloping me in a captivating fragrance that captivates the senses.