Cleanmate Foaming Intimate Wash, 120ml

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    • Cleanmate Foaming Intimate Wash, 120ml
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    • This item: Cleanmate Foaming Intimate Wash, 120ml ₹449.00 ₹225.00

      Man Arden Cleanmate Foaming Intimate Wash

      It’s time to up your personal hygiene quotient with the care of Man Arden Cleanmate Foaming Intimate Wash. Enriched with the goodness of natural extracts, this soap-free formula helps to gently take care of your privates without making the area dry. As it locks in hydration, your intimate area stops pricking you for any extra attention. With every wash of the Man Arden Cleanmate Foaming Intimate Wash, you get a pleasant and soothing experience full of freshness and minus the awful odor. The foam it creates helps cleanse the area while moisturizing it from within and maintaining its normal pH balance. This ensures you always remain free of itchiness or any kind of irritation or infection.

      Aloe vera leaf extract: Rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and enzymes, it helps reduce inflammation and skin dryness.

      Tea tree essential oil: It helps moisturize dry skin, prevents the excess secretion of oil, and works as an antiseptic on cuts and wounds.

      Witch Hazel extract: It helps remove excess oil, reduce inflammation, and soothe skin itchiness and irritation.

      Holy Basil oil: Rich in vitamin C, it helps boost skin elasticity and skin cell metabolism.

      Lactic acid: It helps remove accumulated dead skin cells.

      Power of Aloe Vera & Tea Tree Oil

      The presence of natural extracts and antiseptic ingredients makes Man Arden Cleanmate Foaming Intimate Wash a safe option for your intimate areas. Its daily use allows your privates to bask in the benefits of nature without worrying about the impact of any harmful chemicals. Whether you are just chilling at your house or stepping out for work or parties, be confident with the newly added freshness in your life.


      1. Take a few drops of the Man Arden Cleanmate Foaming Intimate Wash on your clean palms and form a rich foam.
      2. Gently spread the foam on your intimate areas and let it sit for around 30 seconds.
      3. Rinse the formula thoroughly with water to get moisturized, hydrated, and irritation-free skin.


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      Customer Reviews

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      A must have personal hygiene essential for every man. And This one is made from natural ingredients. I feel so fresh and clean after using this product.

      hitesh B.

      It is an effective product, so far I use weekly twice.


      It is important to wash your intimate region with this intimate wash which helps in cleansing the parts deeply without causing discomfort or skin irritation. It keeps your skin healthy.


      I use this intimate wash regularly to maintain the natural pH level of my intimate body parts. It is composed of natural high quality components to keep your skin hydrated and prevent any kind of irritation


      This is one of the best and most exemplary products for intimate hygiene. It has provided me with freshness and relief and reduced the nasty odor. I get an pleasant experience and skin smoothens after washing with it.