#4 Deodorant, No Gas Deo for Men, 120ml

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      Elevate Your Essence

      With Timeless Luxury

      Kick start your day with ultra luxury 7 notes to bring up confidence and enthusiasm. Man Arden #4 Deodorant contains specific aromas of Floral, Fruity, Woody, Fresh, and Musk. It’s the right companion for men to fill the freshness surrounding you all day long. Spray this no-gas deodorant to put out the unpleasant bad odours of fitness workouts, and also to have an exciting mood for parties and celebrations. Within this aesthetically packed spray is an amazing fragrance fun - the lavish top notes of Fresh Floral and Green Fruity tangs keep you in a pleasant ambiance every morning. Get continued with the scented excitement of its Rose, Violet, and Peony middle notes and Musk & Sandalwood bottom notes to have a never-ending fragrance throughout the day. Don’t worry about the stinking sweat and itching or rash worries!! Be bold enough to have a bond with Man Arden’s perfume right now!

      The Essence of

      Timeless Luxury

      Top Notes

      Experience the enchanting luxury all day long with this deodorant’s top notes that include Fresh Floral, and Green Fruity. Elegance in every drop, worry-free sweat with Man Arden Deodorant.

      Middle Notes

      Embrace the day with the lavish fragrances of middle notes, including Rose, Peony, and Violet. Let sweat bow to your confidence!

      Bottom Notes

      Craft your everyday narrative with these Men’s Deodorant bottom notes that include Musk and Sandalwood.

      Why Choose Our Perfume Body Spray?

      Embark on a fragrant odyssey with Man Arden Perfume Body Sprays, where innovation takes centre stage in our no-gas formula. Revel in scents that stand upto 1000 sprays, gracing you with a persistent allure throughout your daily endeavours. Our collection is an intricate dance of ultra-luxury notes, carefully curated to envelop you in an air of opulence.


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      Customer Reviews

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      Love the subtle fragrance, not overpowering like some other brands. Plus, it keeps me dry all day long.


      Delivers all day protection while keeping the skin dry and refreshing. Subtle scent that's not overpowering.


      This deodorant has a great scent and provides excellent protection.


      Offering excellent odor and sweat protection, this deodorant has a sophisticated, subtle scent. It’s free from gas, making it a good choice for those preferring no gas deos!


      Featuring a clean and refreshing scent, this deodorant keeps you smelling great all day. The fragrance is subtle yet noticeable, offering a fresh feeling without being overpowering.