Anti-Acne Neem Foaming Face Wash with Built-in Brush,120ml

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      Foaming Face Wash with Built-in Brush

      Man Arden Anti Acne Neem Foaming Face Wash has a silicone brush that helps in deep cleansing and exfoliating your facial skin. You can use Man Arden Anti Acne Neem Foaming Face Wash twice a day, one in the morning and, secondly, at night, to eliminate the toxins and impurities from your skin. The blend of natural components present in this face wash can help reduce blemishes and pigmentation from your skin, making it healthier and brighter. The pure and natural extract of neem used in this product can help reduce the appearance of acne and lighten the acne scars on your skin while soothing irritated skin.

      Tea Tree Leaf Oil: It may help lighten the acne scars while leaving you with clear and smooth skin.

      Olive Leaf Extract: It helps nourish your skin while soothing, irritation and reducing redness. It also ‘helps cleanse the pores and keep your skin well hydrated.

      Neem Leaf Extract: It helps fight acne-causing bacteria, lighten the acne scars and brighten the skin.

      Lemon Extract: It helps brighten the complexion while fading away dark spots and acne scars. It ‘helps offer protection against free radical, damage by providing antioxidant support to your skin.

      Aloe Vera Leaf Extract: It helps soothe dry and irritated skin while keeping your skin well moisturised.

      Enriched with Lemon & Tea Tree!

      The silicon brush provided with this product can help in better exfoliation of your skin. The extraordinary blend of ingredients works to help clear dirt and excess oil from your face while giving you radiant and glowing skin. It is designed without using any harmful chemicals, and hence, it is safe for regular use.


      1. Take the desired amount of Man Arden Anti-Acne Neem Foaming Face Wash.
      2. Gently massage the Face Wash on your wet skin using the Built-In silicone brush or your fingers to form lather.
      3. Now, rinse it off thoroughly and pat your face dry.


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      Amazing results! Noticed a significant improvement in my acne within just a week of using this face wash. Love the natural ingredients and how it leaves my skin feeling. Comes with a silicone brush which just simplify the face washing process.


      Soothing and clarifying! I love how this neem face wash calms inflammation and reduces redness associated with acne. It's gentle yet effective, leaving my skin feeling clean and refreshed.


      Cleared up my skin without over-drying. A must-try anti-acne foaming face wash. The silicone brush is so soft and skin-friendly.


      Neem foaming face wash contains the goodness of lemon and tea tree. The silicon brush is so soft and skin friendly. It has no harsh chemicals.


      When it comes to skincare products, neem is one of my favorites. While I had not intended to purchase this lovely foaming face wash, I am glad I did because I am pleased with the outcomes. Finding it meant a lot to me.