Are you still using the regular bathing soaps to kick-start your day? If your answer is yes, then you need to switch! Don’t use harsh bathing soaps with chemicals and stop harming your skin anymore. Regular soaps take away all the essential natural oils from your skin and make it look dry and dull. 

To have a blissful beginning every day, your bath time should be rejuvenating yet luxurious. It should set the vibe for the day. Therefore, settling for just an ordinary body wash or shower gel will not be enough for you. You need something more unusual and extravagant. You can consider going for nourishing yet astonishingly fragrant body washes to ensure memorable and luxurious bathing experience every day. 

Thinking of highly precious body wash fragrances, consider trying out the intense and opulent ‘OUD’. This is also known as Agarwood – a highly precious fragrant ingredient comes from one of the most expensive woods across the world.

The Intense Aroma of Oud

The intense and sensuous aroma of Oud will immediately take you to the dream world of sweet, earthy, and spicy fragrances. The hints of spices will depend on the tree that produces the resin as well as on the technique used for extracting the fragrance. 

Oud fragrance feels fascinating and leaves a long-lasting and mysterious impression in your mind. Undoubtedly, this fragrance helps evoke pure exclusivity and luxury. It is also famous by the name – The Fragrance of the Thousand and One Night. 

One of the most impressive qualities is its long-lasting persistence on the skin. Therefore, many skincare brands have managed to use this fragrance in their products. You can easily find an Oud fragrant body wash or gel to have an exotic bath experience anytime and anywhere. 

Oud Fragrant Body Washes To Set a Luxurious Vibe For The Day

The fragrance of a good quality Oud Body can last for the day by giving you good wear from it. Just take a suggested quantity of body wash and it will continue to work its magic on your body for hours. If you are looking for a bunch of high-quality Oud Body Washes, take a look at the following options that you might find interesting. 

1. Oud Justajoo Luxury Body Wash

Take a trip to a luxurious sauna and mysterious fragrant meadows with passionately formulated Oud Justajoo Luxury Body Wash – a perfect pick for those who want to uplift their shower experience. It is an opulent bottle of goodness that can help you have an unforgettable beginning of the day. 




2. Oud Hayaat Luxury Body Wash

Oud Hayat Luxury Body Wash gives you the fragrance and love of your existence. After every bath, you will experience the urge of relishing the royal bath with this shower gel. Perfect for every man who imagines himself leading a lavish life.

3. Oud Ibaadat Luxury Body Wash

Opting for this classy piece can take you to the world of timelessness. You can have the royal and majestic experience – making everyone appreciate you for your utmost lavish aura. The royal and intense aroma of Oud can help you have luxurious feeling in no time.

4. Oud Ikhtiyar Luxury Body Wash

With Oud Ikhtiyar, you can enjoy the abundance of mesmerizing fragrances of luxury, royalty, and leisure. You can expect every imaginable precious feeling with this mindfully formulated Oud Ikhtiyar Luxury Body Wash by Man Arden.



5. Oud Inayat Luxury Body Wash

Made with utmost love for you, Oud Inayat Luxury Body Wash is a perfect addition to your luxury body care routine. The unimaginable dream of experiencing a royal bath can come true with this ultimate bathing partner. This splendidly beautiful bottle of luxury can set your mood for the day.

6. Oud Aaftaab Luxury Body Wash

Aaftaab means ‘The Sun’. Just like the sun brings a bright and warm aura to our lives, this Luxury Body Wash can brighten up your morning by offering a luxurious bath experience. A single whiff can whisper a million loyal stories in your ears.

7. Oud Fitoor Luxury Body Wash

Oud Fitoor Luxury Body Wash directly connect your consciousness with the dreamland of obsession and desire. The word Fitoor promises you the eccentricity with unforgettable and opulent shower time.

8. Oud Nazaakat Luxury Body Wash

Oud Nazaakat brings the luxurious and royal bath experience of utmost grace and elegance. This royal bottle is made with passionate love so that you can bring some delicacy to your dull mornings and switch to a luxurious way of enjoying a shower.

9. Oud Mukhtasar Luxury Body Wash

Consider going for this classy piece of luxury to have an exorbitant experience of a royal bath. Just a few drops while taking shower and you won’t be able to find the right words to admire the sensuousness of the Oud fragrance.

10. Oud Floral Luxury Body Wash

Your search for fragrant florals can end with perfectly formulated Oud Floral Luxury Body Wash. A single whiff of your Luxury Body Wash will make you step into the sensuality of springtime. This beautiful and mysterious fragrance will surely charm your showers with pure luxury and exclusivity.

11. Oud Royal Luxury Body Wash

Exuding power, sensuality, and prestige, Oud Royal Luxury Body Wash does not need any second thought to fit into your latest body care routine. Switch to the royal treatment ensured by this triumph of utter perfection. Enriched with Shea Butter and Vitamin E, this Body Wash offers a daylong refreshing feeling.

Final Thoughts

Having a normal bath at home can be a bit dull and boring! Nothing beats enjoying the feeling of pure royalty and luxury that you can experience with Oud Luxury Body Washes. Apart from giving you a luxurious shower time, these body care essentials can also ensure long-lasting refreshment and overall hydration of your body. To know about more exciting body washes, stay in touch with us!