7X Beard Oil, 30ml (Unscented)

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      Beard Oil (Unscented)

      Seven most potent natural oils are permeated together in Man Arden 7X Beard Oil that works collaboratively to help provide the paramount level of beard care. This oil assists in supplying hydration simultaneously to the beard and the skin concealed by the facial hair. The Man Arden 7X Beard Oil profoundly helps eliminate skin dryness, irritation and flaking, thereby resulting in a clean, flake-free, itch-free and easy to manage beard.

      Sweet Almond Oil:It helps condition and soften your facial hair while reducing beard itch and dandruff

      Rosemary Oil:It helps condition facial hair & skin under the beard area and accelerate beard growth.

      Moroccan Argan Oil:It’s an ideal essential oil to help maintain good health of facial hair and skin.

      Grapeseed Oil: It helps support beard growth by providing nourishment to facial hair and skin.

      Golden Jojoba Oil:It helps nourish and condition your facial hair while reducing frizz and beardruff.

      Castor Oil:It helps in the deep conditioning of your facial hair and skin while supporting healthy beard growth.

      Extra Virgin Olive Oil:It helps protect your beard hair against damage and reduce itchiness & beardruff.

      Dive Into The World Of Beard Oil

      The oil is also known to form a shielding barrier on each hair shaft that further helps protect it from the harsh weather elements. This nutrient-rich oil penetrates the hair follicles and supplies superior nourishment to help prolong the optimal growth of beard hair. The Man Arden 7X Beard Oil is formulated using natural oils. It doesn’t contain mineral oil or any synthetic additive such as sulphate, paraben, silicone or phthalate, thereby making it an absolutely appropriate and safe product for daily beard care.


      1. Pour out a few drops of the beard oil on your palm and rub it evenly.
      2. Massage the beard in long strokes for a few minutes, initiating from the skin and moving outwards to the tips of the beard.
      3. Apply the oil to a slightly damp beard freshly washed with Man Arden Beard & Face Wash to get optimum results.


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      Customer Reviews

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      Because it doesn't leave behind an oily odor after being applied to our beard, I appreciate this beard oil. My beard doesn't look greasy after using this beard oil on it, either. The feeling is excellent after using this beard oil.

      Madhu Dev

      It is unscented which is why I chose it. It is a high quality beard oil that has helped me grow such a healthy-looking facial hair and I don’t get any outbreaks or pimples from using it.


      I hate scented oils or such items. But this was non-scented. The oil was just what I was searching for to grow a beard in my chin area. This product showed the right results. Because of the results, I suggest beard oil.


      This beard oil is skin-friendly as it is composed of natural ingredients. It restores hair fall and frizzy hair problems. It is also great for growing more hair in your beard. Now get a well groomed manly appearance with this oil.


      I actually do not prefer scented oil. So I chose this unscented beard oil. The beard oil did work and gave what it had to offer. Because of the oil, my beard's growth is fast. I am delighted with it!