Onion & Hemp Beard Growth Oil, 30 ml

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      Most Potent Dose For Your Beard Hair

      Want to get a thicker and denser beard? No worries! Here comes Man Arden Onion Beard Oil with the natural goodness of 15 actives. This is a research-backed Beard Oil you need to enhance the overall health and growth of your beard. With the powerful fusion of all-natural oils like almond, grapeseed, Moroccan argan and jojoba oil, this beard care essential nourish and revitalize beard hair follicles to promote beard hair growth. Plus, we have tea tree oil and Vitamin E to stimulate extra nourishment to the beard hair and skin beneath. This advanced formulation is infused with one of the most powerful ingredients – Onion Oil. It is packed with tons of nutrients that help boost beard hair growth and keeps the beard clean and shiny.

      Why This Beard Growth Oil is So Effective?

      Sweet Almond Oil 12%: This Beard Growth Oil is infused with 12% Sweet Almond Oil that can effectively moisturize your beard and the skin beneath it.

      Moroccan Argan Oil 12%: The presence of 12% Moroccan Argan Oil in this Beard Serum promotes beard growth by stimulating hair follicles. It also helps you style your beard better way.

      Golden Jojoba Oil 7%: This Beard Care Essential contains 7% Golden Jojoba Oil that conditions your beard hair and helps soften and smoothen rough beard hair.

      Tea Tree Oil 1%: Due to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, we have infused Beard Oil with this ingredient to keep your beard hair healthy and nourished.

      Onion Oil 0.10%: We have used this active ingredients to boost your beard growth and minimize hair fall or hair breakage. It also helps clean your scalp clean.

      Vitamin E 0.1%: Vitamin E improves your beard thickness and stimulate beard hair growth. It will nicely hydrate your beard as well.

      Goodness of 15 Main Actives, Including:

      What Does Onion Beard Growth Oil Do?

      Healthy Beard Growth

      Man Arden Growth Oil is an advanced formulation that is enriched with beard growth-boosting ingredients that not only give your beard 15X nourishing but also take care of the skin beneath it. These 100% pure oils are extracted using research-backed methods to ensure healthy beard growth.

      15 Nourishing Bio-Actives

      Enriched with 15 pure actives that keep the beard hydrated and nourished while promoting stronger, softer and healthier beard growth. These 15 actives are carefully chosen to solve your beard issues in no time.

      No More Fizziness or Itchiness

      Nothing is more bothering than a frizzy and itchy beard! We have formulated this amazing Onion Beard Oil with fantastic fragrance and nourishing effect to soften and soothe your beard hair.

      Fluffier & Shinier Beard

      Every Active works superbly well to soften your beard and improve beard density. After regular use, you can expect a fluffier and shiner beard. This product is free from parabens, mineral oils, and silicones.



      1. RUB: Rub a few drops between the palms of your hands. Gently work the oil into your beard, goatee and moustache to the depth of the skin.
      2. MASSAGE: Gently massage your beard for a few minutes.
      3. COMB: Use the comb to distribute the oil evenly. Apply this oil to a slightly damp beard for better results.


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      I'm loving the results I've seen since using this onion beard growth oil. It's the secret weapon for a beard that's both stylish and healthy. The ingredients are totally safe and beard friendly.