Onion & Black Seed Hair Oil , 100ml

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    • Onion & Black Seed Hair Oil , 100ml
    Total price:₹629.00 ₹260.00
    • This item: Onion & Black Seed Hair Oil , 100ml ₹629.00 ₹260.00
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    A Nutrient-Dense Hair Care Essential

    If you are looking for healthy hair growth, you’ll have to try this Man Arden Onion & Black Seed Hair Oil. It’s a nutrient-dense hair care essential to change your dull, lifeless, and weak hair into soothing, silky, and shiny tresses. This is even a good one for improved scalp health to support stronger hair roots. The excellent herbal power of 15 potent oils including Onion Oil, Black Seed Oil, Moringa Oil, Curry Leaves Oil, and many others assure startled hair health. A plethora of nutrients present in the plant-based stuff helps nourish your hair from root to tip. This oil, devoid of parabens, sulfates, silicones, and mineral oils, remains safe and suitable for color-treated and sensitive hair as well. Its standard formulation is PETA-certified with cruelty-free quality testing.

    The Goodness of Bio-Actives For Holistic Hair Care

    Onion Oil: Infused with 0.20% Onion Oil, this hair care essential helps strengthen your weak hair by deeply nourishing your scalp. It helps give your hair an improved texture.

    Black Seed Oil: This Hair Oil contains 4% Black Seed Oil to provide soothing care to dull hair and help promote healthy hair growth. No more worrying about lifeless hair!

    Curry Leaves Oil: Man Arden Onion & Black Seed Hair Oil is infused with 6% Curry Leaves Oil which is quite effective for hair strengthening. It helps soothe the itchy or flaky scalp.

    Moringa Oil: Contains the goodness of 5.50% Moringa Oil, this oil helps strengthen your scalp and prevent breakage.

    Infused With

    Activates Dormant Follicles

    As people age, blood circulation to the scalp abates, which results in dormant follicles. The infusion of Onion Oil & Curry Leave Oils with Vitamin E help stimulate and boost blood flow to the scalp with each use. This results in the activation of inactive follicles and may promote growth.

    Assists In Strengthening Hair

    The infusion of cold pressed oils likeavocade, and manjistha along with bakuchi oil help inhibit DHT production, which is the main cause of hair loss & weakening. After 6 months of regular use, you may feel strengthened follicles.

    May Improve Hair Health

    Onion Oil – popularly known to be one of the most amazing oils helps infuse moisture, and improve elasticity and texture. All this to give you soft, shiny and strong hair.

    Works Best With

    Good diet

    Nothing can ever replace nutritional food intake. Make sure that each of your meals has good dietary foods included. Have eggs, spinach and other green leafy vegetables, they help boost your hair health.

    Proper Hair Care Routine

    From oiling your hair regularly to washing it correctly, you need to follow a proper hair care routine to get desired results.

    The right grooming tools

    Use a wooden comb instead of a plastic one! The plastic combs may cause micro-tears in your scalp that further weaken your follicles. 

    What It Won’t Do

    Fast Results

    Consistency Is The Key So Don’t Expect Extraordinary Fast Results

    Same Results For All

    The Oil Shows Different Results On Different Hair Types

    Won't Completely Stop Hair Fall

    Hair growth is a natural process. While this oil will help stimulate hair growth, it won’t completely bring magic to your hair. You have to follow a good hair care regimen along with consuming a good diet.

    How To Use

    Apply the oil using the comb applicator & gently massage it into the scalp using your fingers.

    You can even leave it overnight or if you want to use this oil in the morning, apply it one hour before the head wash.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 35 reviews

    This hair oil is a true lifesaver! It effortlessly tames frizz, leaving my hair unbelievably smooth and glossy. Plus, the lightweight formula doesn't weigh down my locks, making it perfect for daily use.

    Very Good

    This hair oil is a game-changer! My hair feels softer, shinier, and so much healthier. Plus, the scent is absolutely divine.


    Go for this amazing hair oil. It is so soothing and nourishing on my hair. Noticed a less hair fall. Loved this!

    Very Good

    Absolutely love this hair oil! It's lightweight, non-greasy, and has significantly reduced my hair fall. The blend of onion and black seed works wonders for nourishing my scalp and promoting healthy hair growth.

    Very Good

    This hair oil has improved the texture of my hair so real. So glad that I ordered this hair oil. It is free from parabens, sillicone and sulfates.