Hair Strengthening Hair Oil With Comb Applicator, 100ml

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      Holistic Care For Healthier Hair

      Holistic care for your healthier care now comes from Man Arden’s Hair Strengthening Oil. Specifically formulated for a stronger hold of the hair, it is made ready with the Ayurvedic king of the hair oils – Bhringraj Oil. It’s a collective power of 19 special potential oils including Bhringraj Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Jamaican Castor Oil, Golden Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Neem Oil, and many others. Hosting a plethora of essential nourishing compounds, the oil blend offers superb nutrients for hair strengthening, conditioning, and smoothening. The oil assures deeper penetration into the hair shafts for better nourishment and strength. The lighter and non-sticky hair oil allows easy and comfortable usage for all hair types. Habituate your hair to regular use of this Man Arden’s oil for a smooth and strong longer mane.

      Fusion of 4 Powerful Active Ingredients For Healthier Hair

      Bhringraj Oil: It’s the king of herbal oils that make the hair shaft strong and shiny. It sways away from the dandruff problems and improves the nature of the scalp too.

      Organic Coconut Oil: It moisturizes the hair, reduces breakage, and smoothens the hair shaft. With essential nutrients, it maintains healthier hair growth.

      Jamaican Castor Oil: It hydrates, thickens, strengthens the hair, and also increases its growth. It smoothens and softens the hair with the presence of excellent vitamins, minerals, and fatty contents.

      Golden Jojoba Oil :Being rich in Vitamin B, C, E, and other minerals, it strengthens the hair and prevents hair loss. It also enhances the thickness of the hair shaft. The oil is also the best moisturizer to keep your hair soft.

      For Shiner, Smoother & Stronger Hair

      Activates Dormant Follicles

      As people age, blood circulation to the scalp abates, which results in dormant follicles. The infusion of Organic Coconut Oil, Jamaican Castor Oil, Golden Jojoba Oil help stimulate and boost blood flow to the scalp with each use. This results in the activation of inactive follicles and may promote growth.

      Assists In Strengthening Hair

      The infusion of cold pressed oils like neem oil, and brahmi oil along with reetha oil help inhibit DHT production, which is the main cause of hair loss & weakening. After 6 months of regular use, you may feel strengthened follicles.

      May Improve Hair Health

      Castor Oil – popularly known to be one of the most amazing oils helps infuse moisture, and improve elasticity and texture. All this to give you soft, shiny and strong hair.

      Works Best With

      Good diet

      Nothing can ever replace nutritional food intake. Make sure that each of your meals has good dietary foods included. Have eggs, spinach and other green leafy vegetables, they help boost your hair health.

      Proper Hair Care Routine

      From oiling your hair regularly to washing it correctly, you need to follow a proper hair care routine to get desired results.

      The right grooming tools

      Use a wooden comb instead of a plastic one! The plastic combs may cause micro-tears in your scalp that further weaken your follicles. 

      What It Won’t Do

      Fast Results

      Consistency Is The Key So Don’t Expect Extraordinary Fast Results

      Same Results For All

      The Oil Shows Different Results On Different Hair Types

      Won't Completely Stop Hair Fall

      Hair growth is a natural process. While this oil will help stimulate hair growth, it won’t completely bring magic to your hair. You have to follow a good hair care regimen along with consuming a good diet.

      How To Use

      Apply the oil using the comb applicator & gently massage it into the scalp using your fingers.

      You can even leave it overnight or if you want to use this oil in the morning, apply it one hour before the head wash.

      Who Is It For?


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      Q7. Does it have a good smell??
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 35 reviews

      I love using this hair oil that has the goodness of bhringraj oil, coconut oil, castor oil, and jojoba oil. The bottle has comb applicator.


      My friend is using the same hair oil as she noticed positive results. I received mine today. I must say the quality of this hair oil is awesome. It is vegan and paraben free.

      hitesh B.

      The fragrance is nice and oil is not sticky too.


      This hair-strengthening oil, which comes with a comb, is fantastic. It is simple to apply to my hair; I love this oil for its benefits, and I highly recommend it to anyone who uses hair oil.


      Hair strengthening oil is a great way to deal with a lot of hair fall as this oil helps to control the damage to the hair. This hair-strengthening oil was a regular of my monthly shopping for a long time.