Professional Hair Recovery Serum, 60ml

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      Research-Backed Formulation For Flaunt-Worthy Hair

      Boost your hair growth with Man Arden Professional Hair Recovery Serum that is infused with 15% award-winning, clinically proven & research-based actives. This non-alcohol formulation promotes hair growth and fights hair loss better than any other ordinary hair serum you have used before. 15% actives include the nourishing base of 2% Redensyl, 4% AnaGain, 4% Cressatine, 3% Procapil, and 2% Anageline – each one of them helps contribute to the reasons behind your sleek, healthy and flaunt-worthy hair. This non-greasy formula is backed with other powerful ingredients like Green Tea Extract, Pro Vitamin B5 & Vitamin E. Man Arden Professional Hair Recovery Serum is dermatologically tested and clinically formulated to give you never-before scalp treatment from deep within and replenish your mane flawlessly.

      How do These 15% Clinically Proven Research-Based Actives Help?

      Cressatine 4%

      This Hair Recovery Secrum contains Cressatine to help stimulate & prolong hair growth and adds strength from roots to tips. 

      Anagain 4%

      Assists in scalp treatment by prolonging the life cycle of hair. Extracted from Pea Sprouts, this well-researched ingredient helps boost hair growth.

      Procapil 3%

      Clinically proven scalp stimulator that helps strengthen weak hair strands and helps revive undernourished hair. 

      Redensyl 2%

      Award-winning and clinically proven scalp stimulator that helps promote hair growth by reactivating follicles and accelerating the hair growth process.

      Anageline 2%

      We have added this research-backed ingredient to boost the hair rejuvenation process and infuse shine into your hair strands. 

      What Does Professional Hair Recovery Serum do?

      Stimulates Hair Growth

      Man Arden Professional Hair Recovery Serum infused with clinically proven actives helps stimulate hair growth and offers complete nourishment to your scalp deeply.

      Dermatologically Tested & Safe

      Hair Recovery Serum is dermatologically tested and is free from parabens, alcohol, and mineral oils. This product is vegan and no animal has been harmful during its production.

      Fights Hair Loss

      The research-Backed formulation contains a Green Tea Extract that helps strengthen hair and make them healthier enough to minimize hair loss.

      Professional Scalp Treatment

      The super-nourishing duo of Pro Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E helps boost the hair recovery process and enhances the texture of hair.

      Easy to Use

      Our Hair recovery serum is alcohol-free and non-sticky! You can apply it before you head outside or after a long day without any stickiness.

      Hair Growth Cycle

      Hair on your scalp normally grows about .3 to .4 mm each day. Growth of Human hair and shedding is random and not cyclical. At any given time, a random number of hairs will be in one of three stages of hair growth and shedding.


      Being an active phase of hair growth, involves new formation of the hair and pushing of club hair up the follicle out. During Anagen Phase, hair grows about 1 cm every 28 days. Your hair stays in this phase for around two or six years.


      This is the transitional phase in which 3% of hair are this stage at any point of time. It lasts for 2 or 3 weeks. During this phase, growth stops and the outer root sheath shrinks and attaches to the root.


      This is the resting phase which accounts to 6-8% of all hairs. Telogen Phase lasts for about 100 days for hair on your scalp. Hair follicle is at rest and the club hair is finally formed. If a hair is pulled out during this phase, a solid, hard or white material is found at its root.

      15% MOST ADVANCED Clinically Proven Award Winning Actives


      Inspired by hundreds of medical studies & fundamental research, Redensyl assists in hair regrowth to a wider extent.

      Help Makes Hair Stronger & Thicker – Redensyl offers nutrients to the scalp and hair follicles and helps increase the blood flow in the scalp. It also assists in uplifting hair density – Redensyl is also known to help prevent hair thinning by increasing hair density.

      Redensyl has 4 main components:

      • Highly effective antioxidant of plant origin that helps reduce inflammation of scalp
      • Polyphenol Glucoside of plant origin to boost metabolism
      • Zinc to help strengthen hair shaft
      • Glycine to support hair growth
      Clinical study of Redensyl


      This clinically proven revolutionary hair growth active PROCAPIL is a consolidation of natural origin Apigenin, Biotinyl-GHK, Oleanolic Acid and vitaminized matriline (Vitamin H). This refinement formula helps control the ageing of hair and strengthens hair. Oleanolic acid helps hinder DHT production responsible for poor hair quality and hair loss.

      1. Helps Inhibit ageing of hair by stimulating the hair follicle cell metabolism
      2. Assists in fighting premature hair loss by uplifting the anagen phase of the hair
      3. Helps Enhance hair density for those with pattern baldness
      Clinical Study of Procapil


      Anagain, grounded on organic pea sprouts helps pique specific signal molecules in the dermal papilla required to help boost  hair growth.

      Building on algorithms in the field of organic, bio-active extracts in premier labs around the world, the scientists focused on the pea sprout as an ingredient capable of delivering the required results when it comes to hair. The phytonutrients were isolated and extracted, which in turn, had transformational effects on human hair.

      In nutshell, AnaGain helps stimulate the release of hair growth factors in dermal papilla cells that lead to a shortening of the telogen phase and the activation of a new anagen phase in hair follicles. In this way, AnaGain helps prevent the hair loss process while assisting in uplifting hair growth.


      Titrated with sulfur, Cressatine helps stimulate hair growth and helps strengthen hair from the roots. Cressatine helps provide essential  elements needed to produce keratin for resistant, perfectly structured hair and helps initiate regeneration via the Wnt Pathway. Cressatine being the primary component of our Hair Recovery Hair Serum is clinically proven and award-winning active that is designed to facilitate hair growth. 

      It helps stimulate keratinocyte differentiation via the Keratinocyte Growth Factors released when the Wnt pathway is activated. It helps prolong the growth phase of your hair using Wnt pathway and KGFs.




      Clinically Proven to support hair growth, Anageline is extracted from sweet white lupine and is enriched with glutaminated peptides, vitamins and oligo-elements. It helps control the hair cycle by reactivating microcirculation and stimulating hair growth cells. Highly recommended by many hair experts, Anageline helps favor hair growth and minimize hair loss. It is a powerful ingredient that rejuvenates hair and infuses life to each hair strand.



      1. Clean your hands and pat them dry.
      2. Take a few drops of the serum onto your dry palms using the dropper.
      3. Gently massage the serum on your scalp using your fingertips.


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      Q3. Can I use this serum daily?
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 29 reviews

      Currently using this hair recovery serum. It has actually smoothened and strengthended my hair like anything. Loved it.

      Very Good

      I have been applying this hair serum since 3 weeks now. I have started to notice some results. My hair are more silky and smooth.

      Very Good

      I am happy with this product.


      Previously, I underestimated this product. But now when i actually started using this product. I am loving the results. It is made from clinically proven actives and they work!

      Yogesh Thanvi

      Still not seen good result